Many girls have asked me: What is a VSCO girl? How to have a VSCO style?

How to become a VSCO Girl? First of all, I’ll explain how the VSCO style was born , remember the Tumblr girls? Here, the trendiest girls of the moment are now considered VSCO Girls . They are girls who post photos on Instagram almost always wearing a hair elastic, a water bottle, necklaces with shells, Vans or Birkenstock.

Most VSCO Girls follow two catchphrases: the first is “Skrr Skrr”, a hallmark of Trap music, the second is: “And I OOP”, inspired by a video of a drag queen that went viral. VSCO girls are very active on social networks, in reality it is from Instagram that everything begins, from the birth of the famous VSCO Cam app, which has become famous for its minimal filters, much less intrusive than those offered by Instagram.

TIPS for becoming a VSCO Girl

The first tip for becoming a VSCO Girl is: change your outfit.

To become a VSCO Girl it is essential to dress in a VSCO way . As mentioned VSCO Girls wear necklaces with shells, Vans, almost always a water bottle and a hair band. If you need to buy your outfit at very low prices to become a VSCO Girl contact me here .

The second tip for becoming a VSCO Girl is: have fun with your friends taking pictures, take group photos between girls and pose to become a real VSCO Girl !

The third tip to become a VSCO Girl is: Download the VSCO Cam app , edit your photos by choosing a filter (I suggest you always use the same filter to give quality to your instagram profile).

By Manali