You can see many wood-burning inserts, pellets, and gas fireplaces in our huge recently remodeled showroom. Maybe it’s time you stopped letting the heat run up your fireplace and switch to a more efficient fireplace insert that can fit perfectly into your existing fireplace opening.

While fireplaces were once used to heat houses, the heat output from a classic masonry fireplace does not meet today’s comfort requirements. Even with a roaring fire in the home, you may not notice a significant improvement in room temperature. This is owing to the fact that only around 10% of the heat produced by a typical fireplace radiates into your home, with the remainder exiting via the fireplace. Traditional large electric fireplaces and free-space fireplaces are both inefficient, and both may be replaced with a contemporary fireplace insert.

If you’ve ever sat by an underused fireplace in the dead of winter in Wisconsin, you’ve probably noticed a draft of frigid air coming from the hearth. Another downside to a typical fireplace or first-generation zero-space fireplace is that outside air can leak into your residence, forcing your central heating and cooling system to work harder to keep your home warm. ideal.

Fortunately, fireplace inserts were developed to address these issues.

A chimney insert is an attractively designed heater that fits inside the mouth of a masonry or zero clearance chimney with a pipe running through the existing chimney to vent combustion by-products. Designed to be environmentally friendly and economical, it significantly reduces the production of combustion By-products (such as ash, creosote, and smoke) are reduced, and more heat is produced with less fuel. Fireplace inserts may boost the efficiency of a normal fireplace by 60 to 70%, depending on the brand and fuel type. Homeowners will save money in two ways as a result of these changes.

1. Decrease in heating and cooling bills throughout the year

You can immediately start reducing your utility bills, even during the hottest month of summer, by installing a fireplace insert professionally. A fireplace insert, with its glass doors, improved ventilation system, and tightly fitted combustion chamber, prevents hot and cold air from escaping, As a result, your central heating and cooling system will not have to work as hard to keep your house at a suitable temperature. It also prevents outside air currents from entering the chimney.

2. Transform your fireplace into a viable alternative heat source

You can lower your thermostat and save money during harsh Wisconsin winters without sacrificing your comfort by investing in a fireplace insert. A fireplace inserts not only emits more heat than a regular fireplace, but it also features fans that blow hot air from the fire into your living room. You can effectively heat large areas of your home with gas, pellet, wood, or electric fireplace insert. You may use it to zone heat a large living room or a whole floor, depending on the size and model you pick. Another appealing feature is that many versions let you manage the heat output with a built-in thermostat or remote control. If wood is your preferred fuel, you’ll appreciate the ability to make fewer excursions to the woodpile. Because of an insert’s excellent efficiency, a load of wood will burn for much longer.

A fireplace insert is a wise purchase for homeowners due to its cost-saving benefits. Stop by the Burlington Fireplace & Heating showroom if you’ve never experienced the difference a fireplace insert can make. We have a range of fireplace inserts on display so you can see how one of these simple space heaters may increase the performance of your fireplace. Our knowledgeable team will gladly answer any queries you may have or provide information on the benefit of each type of insert.

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