The Mustang GT outranks nearly all the other sports cars of this era. It has been a heartthrob for people of all ages and genders. Mustang GT comes loaded with exceptional features like extraordinary speed, easy fuel, pony projection lights, unique EPAS, performance rear wing and more.

Being one of the most reliable sports cars, it has become a dream of many. But usually, people back off when they think about the Mustang GT insurance cost and other factors.

However, if you have always wanted to own this power girl, then keep reading until the end to clear your doubts.

How reliable is the Mustang GT?

There are many things that impact the cost of the car other than just the sticker price. Starting from the repairs, maintenance costs to Mustang GT insurance costsand whatnot. If you have planned to purchase a Mustang GT, then you have surely made the right decision.

The reliability of this car is very high compared to other cars in the market. It would not be wrong to say that not all compact or subcompact cars are in the same class as the Mustang GT.

They might need nearly maintenance which can cost up to $700. Not to mention, the severity of repairs is average and the frequency of the issues are low.

How much does the insurance cost for a Mustang GT?

If you are wondering how much a Mustang insurance costsfor a 16-year-old, then know that the average cost is expected to be around $500 per month.

Young drivers are considered to be at higher risk than those who are 25 years of age. Thus, to be precise, here is a list of insurance costs for a Mustang GT sports car according to age.

  • Age of 16 – drivers who are of age 16 pay five times more compared to the ones who are in their 30s. Therefore, the insurance cost can be expected to be around $6000 per year.
  • Age 18 – the average yearly cost for Mustang GT car insurance is $4000.
  • Age 20 – people who are 20 years of age might have to pay $3500 every year.
  • Age 22 – individuals who belong to the 22 years of old age have to pay around $2500 for their insurance cost every year.
  • Age 25 – drivers in the age of 25 might have to pay a sum of $2000 every year as their Mustang GT insurance cost.
  • Age 30 – people in their 30’s have to pay an average amount of $1500 per year as the insurance cost.

However, the cost may vary and even increase depending on multiple factors.

This includes the model year of the Mustang GT, vehicle trim, driving history, damage history, the lifestyle of the owner, maintenance history, insurance company and more.

According to reports, it is known that the Mustang insurance cost for a 16-year-oldcosts more than other vehicles’ coverage. This is because the parts of the Mustang GT are quite expensive and its engines are larger too.

Time to get the Mustang GT without worrying about insurance!!

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By Manali