Have you ever thought about owning your own business, but didn’t know where to start? Or do you wish to venture into a business without the stress of starting from scratch? Buying a franchise can be a suitable option for you; it’s an exciting and challenging decision, one that can potentially generate a significant return on investment. To get started, you need to understand the type of business you’re interested in and how much it’ll cost to buy the business franchise. For anyone interested in the tool truck business, tool truck franchising could give you an edge in the industry. 

Tool trucks are a popular business idea that has captured the attention of many aspiring entrepreneurs. To many, the idea of driving around town and pulling up to homes and businesses with a roving selection of tools and equipment is both practical and fun. The cost of starting a tool truck franchise varies depending on your tool company and location but generally ranges between $50,000 to $300,000. The total cost of buying a franchise often includes; start-up costs, franchise fee, royalty fee, liquid cash requirement, and others as required by your truck tool franchise company. 

The Breakdown Of Tool Truck Franchise Cost

Franchise Fees

The franchise fee is the initial fee paid by the franchisee to the tool truck company. It’s a one-time payment for using the trademark, brand, and business model of the franchisor. It also covers the travel expenses, initial training fee, truck lease negotiation, start-up marketing fee, and more. Most tool truck companies charge between $7000 to $70,000.

Royalty Fees

The royalty fees charged by the tool truck franchiser are a percentage of the revenue that the franchisee generates from the sales of goods and services. The tool truck franchise agreement will specify the royalty fee that is charged to the franchisee. The tool truck franchise agreement will also specify the procedures that must be followed in order to collect the royalty fee; the payment can be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or even quarterly. The royalty fee is usually between 5% to 10% of the gross income of the franchisee.

Living Expenses or liquid cash requirement

Some tool truck companies required a franchisee to have some money to cater to daily needs while the tool truck business is in its early months. This means that aside from the initial franchise fee, a tool truck franchise should have some extra cash to fall back on when needed.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Tool Truck Franchise

Before you buy a tool truck franchise, ensure that you conduct relevant research to give you an insight into several tool truck companies. Here are some tips to consider when buying a tool truck franchise;

Consider the Business System of the Company

Franchising saves entrepreneurs the time and effort spent on creating a working business model. Therefore, ensure the tool truck company you obtain a franchise from has a proven business model. The business model should cover various aspects such as marketing, payroll, training, customer service, and more.

Consider the earning potential

Tool Truck Franchise is a lucrative business that offers between $65,000 to $110,000 salary per year. Though the profitability of the tool truck franchise varies based on location, franchisees must examine the profitability in their location before buying the franchise. Learn about the financial testimonies of entrepreneurs who have bought the franchise of various tool truck companies in your location and compare their profitability and success. Also, endeavor to learn about the techniques used by those who have become successful tool truck franchises.

Learn about the cost of tool truck franchise

There are various tool truck companies available today; each of these tool truck companies offers distinct franchise prices broken down into various fees. When you decide on the company to choose, inquiries about the exact cost of buying the franchise. Endeavor to read through the franchise agreement and check for hidden charges. Make sure to understand the true cost before signing the franchise agreement.

Understand the tool truck company policy.

Another important thing to consider when buying a tool truck franchise is the franchisor’s policy. Most tool truck franchisors expect their franchisee to abide by the rules of their company. These rules can sometimes stop creative franchisees from exploring and trying out new business strategies. Therefore, it’s important to get comfortable with a franchisor’s policy before buying a tool truck franchise.

By Manali