Silicon Valley is home to many great unicorn innovations, and techies from around the world often find themselves there for various conferences or business meetups. If you’re one of them and find yourself in San Jose, chances are you may be dying to unwind after a hectic day. Grabbing yourself some great bud is one of the most popular ways to achieve this. The good news? The Bay Area has long been a hub for legal san Jose weed delivery, with many reputable online edibles weed shops. You won’t have to disrupt your busy schedule to visit a dispensary as you can have your premium weed delivered right to your doorstep!

Is Buying Weed for Delivery Legal in San Jose?

Luckily, California is among the few States allowing legal recreational weed delivery. There are at least 300 licensed weed delivery service providers within the State. An ever-increasing number of weed enthusiasts in California are opting for weed delivery services, with most citing ‘convenience’ as the primary motivating factor. Depending on the delivery provider, you can get your weed within an hour or day of making an order. However, not all weed consumers like their weed delivered, especially the picky types, and still go with the traditional way of calling their weed guy or visiting their preferred dispensary. 

The other States allowing recreational-use weed delivery include Maine, Oregon, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Michigan. As for legal, medical cannabis delivery, 12 states allow it. They include California, Arizona, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, North Dakota, and Oregon. 

How do you Use Weed Delivery Services in San Jose?

Are you looking to have your first premium weed delivery in San Jose? The process is quite simple and works a lot like other common deliveries. It involves simply placing your order by phone or online at your preferred licensed weed store. Most weed stores provide free delivery services where consumers pay cash upon receipt. Some weed stores will send you a confirmation email or text and an estimated delivery time. Reputable weed suppliers will also ask you to provide a scannable government-issued photo ID to enhance the security and safety of the delivery process. 

However much the process appears straightforward, you must be on the watch for fraudsters out to get your hard-earned cash with substandard weed. Researching a potential online weed supplier is the number one way to find and start a worthy relationship with a reputable one. 

Tips on Choosing a Reputable Online Weed Store

Online weed delivery services are an excellent way for weed stores to provide more flexibility and convenience to their customers. Since online ordering is fast becoming a trend, weed stores also benefit from cultivating more customer loyalty. However, not all online weed stores are up to effectively meeting their customers’ needs, and many have reported horror stories from experiences with some stores. So, as a weed customer, how do you choose the right online weed store that meets your expectations and needs? Let’s look at some valuable tips you can use below. 

  • Read Customer Reviews Online- There are many weed dispensaries to choose from, and knowing which to trust can be hectic. However, reading online reviews is always a good place to start. You can visit their official website or third-party review sites such as Yelp or Google reviews to know how satisfied their past customers were. Investigate the circumstances surrounding negative reviews to get a clearer picture of the dispensary and its overall services. 
  • Research Available Products- Take time to review all the marijuana categories a potential dispensary offers to know if they stock your preference. Your intentions on the exact products you need should be clear from the start. There are a wide range of cannabis products and strains in the market and various ways of taking them. They include infused beverages, flowers, edibles, and many more. 
  • Type of Delivery Services- No one wants to wait for weeks before the weed they ordered is delivered. Investigate how long their customers have to wait for deliveries. A reputable vendor will have strategies to reduce delays, unless for public holidays or weekends. 
  • Are they Licensed?- Always ensure you’re sourcing your weed from a licensed dispensary. A licensed weed store will likely have professional budtenders keen on meeting customers’ expectations correctly. They are well-versed in the range of weed products they offer on sale. 

Every State that allows legal weed delivery services has its own rules and regulations to be followed by vendors and weed consumers. It’s always prudent to be aware of your State’s laws around online weed delivery to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. 

Happy smoking!

By Manali