When they fall, trees can cause serious damage to your property. Some of these damages can be expensive to fix and may not be covered by your insurance provider. So it is important to prevent them from happening in the first place. The best way to do this is to watch out for signs that could tell you if a tree is going to fall anytime soon. Or better still, see Evergreen Landscape Care & Tree Services to help you examine your tree. 

Meanwhile, here are some signs indicating that a tree is likely to fall. 

Dead Branches

A tree that has dead branches is likely to have root rot. It would be best if you didn’t ignore root rot because it means the tree is unable to nourish its leaves, so it will eventually die 

Also, when your tree has rotten roots, it can shed its branches to reduce the load on it and save itself. These branches can end up falling on your roof, damaging your home. 

Mushroom Around Tree Base 

Fungus is also a major indicator of rotten roots. After detecting fungus around your trees’ base, you should contact a licensed Arborist. They’ll determine the best treatment option for your tree.

Hollow Spots In The Trunk

Like humans, trees are prone to cavities. These cavities occur when the interior of the tree decays, usually due to improper pruning. As the cavity grows, it continues making the tree weaker. In the long run, the tree won’t have enough support. So when a strong wind comes, the tree can fall. 

Deep Marks Or Missing bark

Any area where the bark is missing in a tree is referred to as a canker. It would be best if you didn’t underestimate it because it could increase the chances of your tree breaking.

Leaves Missing Near The Trunk

Have you recently noticed that leaves are missing near your tree’s trunk? It could be a sign that your tree is likely to fall. Your tree gets its water and nutrients from its root, so leaves falling from the trunk area mean the root zone is compromised.

Roots Near Water

It’s no news that plants need water to grow. Still, your tree can become waterlogged and start decaying if it’s near a body of water like a retention pond or lake. Being near a water source can reduce your tree’s structural stability. 

How To Prevent A Tree From Falling

Don’t Overwater Your Tree

When trees get too much water, they won’t be able to absorb oxygen. This can cause nutrition deficiency or decay. Sadly, it’s easy to mistake underwatering symptoms for overwatering symptoms. So most people treat overwatering symptoms with more water.

Some overwatering symptoms include yellowed leaves, loss of vitality, or mushroom growth. You can examine your tree for overwatering by digging into the tree’s root zone. If you notice the soil is damp, the tree may be overwatered.

Prune And Trim Your Trees At Regular Intervals

The ideal time to book a pruning service for your tree is during fall or winter. When it comes to pruning, removing dead limbs is essential. This is because decaying limbs can make dangerous diseases or insects spread to other parts of the tree when it’s not attended to.

Book Regular Inspection And Maintenance

Regular tree inspection and maintenance help to make sure your tree lives a healthy and long life. Additionally, it helps to protect your home against dangerous tree falls. For proper inspection, a qualified tree specialist can climb your tree to reach areas that can’t be seen easily. They’ve been trained to follow safety procedures to ensure your property isn’t damaged in any form.

Other Tree Safety Tips

Don’t Trim A Tree By Yourself

It’s not advisable to trim, remove or prune your tree by yourself, especially if the branches are hanging over your roof. This is because if you do it incorrectly, its heavy branches could fall on your building or another person’s property, which can incur costly damage. You can also fall or suffer a chainsaw accident.

Be Conscious Of The Weather

As a tree owner, it’s important to update yourself on weather forecasts. If a big storm is likely to come soon and you don’t think your tree will be able to survive it, book a tree removal service. If you can’t make arrangements in time, take your family away for the time being or stay in a room far from the tree.

Knowing the signs showing that a tree may likely fall soon and some tree care tips are essential for homeowners with trees in their homes. It’ll help to ensure your household and property are safe from potential tree damage.

By Manali