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Park view city is one of the highest-listed housing societies being made in Pakistan. Hence it is no surprise that it has attracted the attention of several foreign investors. Read below to find out all relevant details about this project.

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Park View City is placed in Islamabad, Pakistan, on Molat Road, just a few blocks from the residential area of Prime Minister. Bahria Town, one of Pakistan’s most well-known housing developments, is just a few miles away. It is easily accessible and is near many major roads of Islamabad, such as Kashmir Highway, Islamabad Expressway, and Kuri Road. This location allows its residents to stay connected with the entire city as it is located at its heart.

Owners of Park View city

The Vision Group, which is headed by Aleem Khan, a well-known politician, is behind Park View City, a new development. The vision group came into existence in 2012, and while this is their first project in Islamabad, they have come into the limelight for their excellent work in real estate. Many major towns in Pakistan, including Lahore’s Multan Road and Karachi’s Karachi Park View, have been transformed by their work.

Facilities provided by Park view city

Park view city has state-of-the-art facilities and excellent infrastructure, ensuring a high living standard for its residents. Unlike many areas in Pakistan, Park view city has a clean and peaceful environment with gas and water facilities, making life easy and smooth. If you have ever lived in Pakistan, you have indeed suffered from the constant load shedding; Park view city stands out as a load shedding free society. Another reason which makes park view city such a favorable investment is the safety it promises. It is a gated community and has 24/7 surveillance that keeps the crime rate zero.

Special features of Park view city

Along with ensuring that there are no compromises on the basic facilities, it also has several amenities. Many entertainment outlets, such as a world-class movie theatre, a shopping mall, and a community center with many indoor and outdoor sports facilities. There is a hospital that is modernly built and is well equipped with the latest technology. Moreover, there is a school that provides high standard education and is located close to the residential area in this city. There is also a beautifully built mosque; hence, people living there have everything they need and do not have to leave society for anything.

Affordability and Plots

There are both residential and commercial plots available in different sizes, providing various options. Judging by the top-notch facilities provided, you may think that the properties are very highly-priced only targeted at the rich. However, that is far from reality. The prices of the plots are affordable and come under the reach of a middle-class man. To further help people, there is the option of buying the houses and properties in installments and a minimal starting down payment amount.


When there are so many frauds taking place in the real estate world, it is essential to do your research to make sure that you are not investing your money in an illegal land. The authorities have approved Park view city Islamabad; thus, you do not have to worry about it being declared illegal in the future.


Park view city is spread over 7000 Kanal and has become increasingly popular in the real estate world. Not only is it an ideal place to live, but it is also a good investment opportunity as its value is constantly increasing, making it worth your money. A majority of the work has been completed, and it is expected that they will soon hand over some plots to their new owners. Park view city makes sure that overseas get easy access and offers many online payment methods to make the process easier.

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