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Today, you will see a brief Hostpoco review known for the cheapest WordPress hosting.

About Hostpoco

HostPoco, established in 2017, and it is offering a facility for users to create a website for free. They are providing hosting services across 178 countries, and the platform has hundreds users, and they’re getting 150+ new registrations daily. I will look at such significant elements as features and performance to help you decide whether HostPoco WordPress hosting worth your time & money or not!

Pros of Hostpoco:

It is very FAST: Hostpoco is very fast as compared to other hosting services. Mainly, your website loading speed plays a important role in keeping your website visitors engaged. When any client visits a site, the one thing they expect is the fast loading speed of the website, they can go with Hostpoco for Fast Web Hosting service. Generally, no one uses a website that takes long time to load. If any website takes 3+ seconds to load, then around 30 – 40% of people don’t visit that site or simply ignore it.

Free Domain: Free domain registration will help beginners, small businesses to buy hosting plan at Hostpoco, and they will get a free domain.

99.9% uptime guarantee: Well, website uptime considers as the most important factor, so choose your desired website hosting service wisely! If a website is down or takes long time to load, then it makes a bad impression on visitors and increases bounce rate. Hostpoco guarantee 99.99% uptime & they are superb in terms of uptime.

Well-designed custom dashboard: Hostpoco’s dashboard is beautifully designe & helpful with some advanced facilities. Like more menus, features & icons.

Quick customer support: As per my experience, the Hostpoco customer support service is better than all hosting service providers. You will get your solution within few hours after raising request with them.

Unlimited features with premium & business hosting plans: Hostpoco is offering multiple unlimited features like bandwidth, speed, disk space, subdomains, addon domains in some premium or business plans.

30-day money-back guarantee: Hostpoco also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in which you can try their hosting service for a month after that, in case you are not satisfied with their service, then you ask them for a complete refund.

Free website builder: HostPoco’s free website builder ie sitepad helps you to build your portfolio, blog, or online store site in just a few clicks. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge and its like drag n drop.

Easy to use interface: Easy to use interface for all hosted users to use it easily & especially for beginners to find things quickly. HostPoco hosting panel is for managing domain management, billing information, databases, files & much more.

Cons of Hostpoco

Limited Inode Limit: Hostpoco is offering max 250000 inode limit with cheap web hosting plans.

Phone Support: Hostpoco is offering live chat and ticket board support only for their clients.

WordPress Hosting Plans & Pricing

Let’s come to the plans & pricing section of Hostpoco review. As all, we know that considering Fast WordPress hosting is the most and important factor for us! Luckily, the stupendous plans of Hostpoco meet your budget & provide fast performance.

Well, there are a total of four Hostpoco WordPress hosting plans available – Startup WP SSD, Pro WP SSD, Premium WP SSD, and Elite WP SSD. All four work with Hostpoco’s control panel, which includes easy 1 click installations of WordPress & many content management systems (CMS). My Hostpoco review will help you to select the right plan as per your requirements.

Let’s discuss the Startup WP SSD plan, which comes with 2 GB of SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 1 website, unlimited email account, free SSL, weekly backups & customer support. It’s pretty enough to build a well-designed WordPress website with thousands of HD images & hundreds of website pages. You can showcase your products, articles, writing, services, creativity, or whatever you want to display on hosting.

The most Popular plan of Hostpoco Elite WP SSD comes with 60 GB of SSD disk space, Unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, free SSL, free domain, weekly backups, and customer support. Daily backups are the most needed feature that the comes with all our plans!

5 main reasons to select HostPoco WordPress Hosting


Security for any user is the primary reason to be confident in any hosting site! Hostpoco offers security features for your site and they also monitor each WordPress site for signs of malware and other potential security risks and vulnerabilities. Security is the primary reason to opt for a WordPress option for your WordPress site in the Hostpoco review.

Developer Friendly

If you’re a developer or a programmer, you may want to alter the files to change from one to another time period. My Hostpoco review states Hostpoco’s WordPress hosting provides an easy way to manage your website for developers. Hostpoco gives you with the control you require by integrating Git SSH access SFTP and WP-CLI. phpMyAdmin and a variety of PHP versions.


Hostpoco is a contributor to WordPress codebase, and we can trust them as they have a thorough understanding of the functions of WordPress. The amount of time that a website is uptime is an important web hosting service, since it is a gauge of the website’s accessibility. When I look over the course of my Hostpoco Review, I am able to affirm that they use their platform to guarantee 99.99 percent uptime, and provide the most enjoyable WordPress hosting experience for their users. Most websites with a high uptimes are easily accessible. Websites with low uptimes are not reliable and unaccessible.


The reason why many websites aren’t getting many visitors is due to their speed on the internet. Thus, speed of loading is an important ranking factor for search engines! Hostpoco makes use of LiteSpeed Webserver which is the fastest web server worldwide, specifically for WordPress. They also have a software called LSCache that allows you to improve the performance of your WordPress website.

24/7 Accessibility

Hostpoco offers 24/7 customer service and you don’t need to wait long to find the solution.

Shared Web Hosting

Hostpoco provides shared web hosting services similar to other webhosting websites. With a shared web hosting plan, your site will be placed on a server along with various websites. In essence, your website is sharing a single server’s resources with different sites.

Features Of Fast Web Hosting Offered By HostPoco


Backups are available based on your web hosting plan. Certain plans provide automated backups. While some plans for web hosts offer weekly backups and premium plans offer daily backup capabilities. Based on my Hostpoco review, it’s beneficial to utilize the bandwidth plans offered by Hostpoco in comparison to other hosting sites.

Unlimited Bandwidth

A lot of users are experiencing problems with bandwidth in other host companies. This Hostpoco review, you’ll discover the best plans for bandwidth. Many of their plans include unlimited bandwidth, which means that your site will be able to handle the number of people who visit your website and get an answer from your web server. Therefore, there is no limit to certain premium plans. The basic plan has only a limited bandwidth.

Customer Support

Hostpoco’s customer service is top-notch They do not offer onboarding assistance to new customers, however the company has offered an easy to follow guide for getting started. Customer support is available 24 hours a day, online chat, customer support options, email, and tickets for support. The support team at HostPoco is more efficient than other web hosts since they have the ability to answer various issues from across the country.

If you require assistance or have questions or have any questions or concerns. You can write to our support team by simply submitting a ticket through the support section on your dashboard or using the live chat.


Do I suggest HostPoco or any other hosting provider for web hosting? Yes, I do recommend it.

As according to my HostPoco hosting review, HostPoco has become an established and trusted brand in the market, providing cheap web hosting, WordPress host solutions for every website. It’s a good choice for quick loading speeds and customer service. In the end you can choose between you can choose between the Business as well as Premium plans may be more than suffice for the needs of a small or personal blog. website.

By Manali