Hormones play a very critical role, especially in women’s bodies. Several factors are linked to hormones in a woman, which are responsible for handling many body processes like reproduction, metabolism, growth, mood, etc. Endocrine glands produce these hormones, which act in units to serve these processes in a woman’s body. When these glands lack the potential to provide adequate hormones that a body needs, it causes hormonal disorders due to several types of ailments arising. These hormonal disorders affect the body and mind in various ways like effects on the menstrual cycle, hair fall, gaining excessive weight, and many more. 

What Causes a Hormonal Disorder?

A condition arises when a hormone is secreted less or more, and the other glands have to fill its gaps by balancing the physical requirements of an individual. With the advent of time changes, many women suffer from this hormonal imbalance. 

Sometimes, hormonal disorders occur due to the erosion of the fast-paced modern lifestyle, or it declines totally. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take precautions and take significant care of the hormones because they play a vital role in giving birth to a newborn. Underneath lies some causes of hormonal disbalance in women.

  • Cysts in the glands
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Consumption of soy products
  • Tumors
  •  Birth control pills
  • Hypogonadism and many more

Treating Hormonal Disorders Naturally through Different Herbs

These homemade remedies do not cause any side effects to cure hormonal disorders, especially in women. They have a highly complex body and need these supplements to maintain and have a proper hormonal balance. 

  • Coconut Oil: One can consume cold coconut daily to cure hormonal imbalance. Coconut oil contains fatty acids that help to build hormones reducing inflammation naturally. Consumption of coconut oil boosts metabolism, controls weight gain, and aids in reducing anxiety and stress. Consuming 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil helps to boost your hormonal problems and maintain it from within naturally. 
  • Ashwagandha: Well known as wintery cherry, it is good herbal medicine to control hormonal problems. Ashwagandha is an Adaptogen that helps regulate the brain’s pituitary-adrenal axis. This pituitary axis is responsible for producing hormones from glands and initiates the body not to respond to stress or anxiety. 

It also helps in treating thyroid hormone imbalance. You can intake it in the form of powder or buy it from any store as a herbal supplement and consume it daily. Also, taking the advice of doctors is very much necessary. But as it is a herbal product, it will not cause any side effects. Please buy it from Harmony Nutraceuticals online store, which provides various supplements. Consider it an herbal supplement for women’s health and consume it for your betterment.  


Though these herbs are suitable for your body and potent in creating regular hormones, you can simultaneously treat hormonal disorders in other ways, like regular exercise. In addition, avoid sugar products or raw sugar, maintain a healthy balanced diet, and take adequate sleep.

By Manali