The thing about the bladder is that people rarely talk about it and care for their bladder health. The truth about the bladder is that everyone is affected at least once or twice by it in their lifetime. The bladder is positioned in the lower abdomen, and its primary job is to store urine.

If you have paid attention to your teacher in biology, you should know that urine is toxic waste discharged by the body after it has taken things it needs from the fluids. The thing about the bladder is that as people get older, their bladder changes.

For instance, the tissues might become less stretchy, and the bladder might lose its ability to contain urine for a longer time. Unless you want to opt for urinary incontinence treatment, here are a few things that you can do to improve your bladder health.

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Don’t Hold it In

The number one mistake that many people make is that they try to hold in their urine for the longest time possible. The trouble with this practice is that the more you hold it in, the more pressure builds up in the bladder and the more trouble you have while emptying it.

Wipe Right

This one is for women – all women must watch out for the right wiping position for a healthy bladder. That said, make sure to wipe from the front to the back so that no gut bacteria can enter the urethra. Wiping right is most crucial after a bowel movement.

Another thing to take care of is urinating after sex. This one is for both sexes – men and women. When you urinate after sex, you immensely decrease the chances of getting an infection and affect your bladder health.


People who are obese are at a greater risk of bladder illness, such as leaking urine. That said, you shouldn’t only be mindful about the type of food that you place in your mouth but also make sure that you get adequate physical exercise to keep your muscle strength.

Make it a priority to keep a healthy weight. You must ensure to get plenty of exercise first thing in the morning – you might want to go on a run and perhaps change your diet to feel better about yourself. You can also ask the doctor to recommend the right pelvic exercise for a stronger bladder.

Be Mindful

When it comes to health and food, you must watch what you eat. Some people have bladder problems because of what they eat and drink. That said, you might want to avoid spicy food and fizzy drinks. We recommend consuming alcohol only in moderation. The best thing to do for your health is to live an alcohol and tobacco-free lifestyle.

If you already have bladder issues, you might want to consult with your doctor or nutritionist about the kind of food you can eat. More importantly, you might want to consume loads of liquid, especially water, for good bladder health.

By Manali