A human life undergoes several milestones and it is natural to want to celebrate when someone that you know achieves such a milestone. Unfortunately, celebrations are a cause for gift-giving and it can sometimes be daunting or confusing knowing what would be suitable to gift that someone. Provided below is a list of several momentous occasions of the human experience and some gift suggestions for each such occasion.

Someone’s First Car

The moment that a person gains access to a set of wheels of their very own is probably one of the freest times in their life. When gifting someone a gift to celebrate that accomplishment, use the concept of freedom and the open road as a guide. Since mixtapes and CD mixes have been aged out of most modern vehicle media ports, you might consider paying for a year of membership to a music streaming service. Other gifts for the new driver might include an emergency kit for roadside issues or a basic auto maintenance kit. Lastly, you might try something as simple as a set of decals or an auto sun shade featuring designs that are related to some of the recipient’s interests


High school and college graduations are a time for celebrating someone’s academic achievements; the person has either just finished their time with general education or earned a degree and is now looking to put that academic to work. While it may not seem too ostentatious or flashy, gifting a custom frame based around the accomplished person may be one of the best graduation gifts you could give, especially if the person is a relative.

Admission to College

While college is a daunting new step in a person’s life, it is also very open to gift options. Some college students have never been on their own before and they will likely welcome any starter appliances like a hot plate, coffee maker, or mini-fridge as gifts. Another notion might include gifting them noise-canceling headphones so that they can study without distraction. Yet another approach would be to go the other way and gift them something like a Nintendo Switch or some gift cards that are good for purchasing whatever video games they would like to have when they want to unwind from the stress of studying and exams. Lastly, you might consider gifting them a book of advice for college freshmen.

First-Time Homeownership

The moment that someone manages to come into a property like a home is truly a time for celebration. These sorts of milestones should best be celebrated with whatever you would personally consider a housewarming present. If you know that the person’s home is rather under-furnished, consider gifting them some furniture. If you have seen the place for yourself, and have gotten consent from the person to do so, you can gift them an upgrade to some feature of their home like curtains or bedding.


While any modern couple will hopefully just link you to half a dozen different vendors that they have established a registry for, some of the best wedding gifts are the ones that were not expected. If you are familiar with the bride, you might want to provide one of the four items every bride should have from the expression “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. A more immediate gift might be volunteering your services, where relevant, for the ceremony:

  • Offer to take footage of the wedding or reception if you happen to know enough about videography to monetize that skill.
  • Make the couple’s dream cake if you know your way around baking,
  • Even if you cannot provide for some aspects of the wedding service, you might have connections that could help make the event amazing.


The life of a human being is full of notable milestones and celebrations should be had to honor these benchmarks of the human condition. Whether you require a gift for a new driver, a graduate, a collegiate, a homeowner, or even newlyweds, the list above should suffice to give inspiration. If nothing else comes to mind, there is absolutely nothing wrong with gifting a person something self-made.

By Manali