There’s no avoiding that car insurance quotes for the 17-year-oldsdriver are expensive. The vehicle insurance for teens is much more expensive for just a variety of reasons: their lack of driving experience. Because of this, car insurance firms cost policyholders extra for teen-driver insurance. There are, however, specific measures you can take to reduce the cost of your child’s auto insurance.

What Does Car Insurance for a 17-Year-Old Cost?

Instead of acquiring them through its policy, the most straightforward option to save money on vehicle insurance for 17-year-olds is connecting them to a parent’s existing policy. For instance, adding a youngster to your car insurance quotes for 17 year olds an average of $3,139 per year.

That’s a significant hike, but car insurance costs for 17 year old male pay $4,621 on averages, or $1,482 more if you purchased your teen their insurance. Many factors, like your age, determine how much you spend on auto insurance, but you may receive different prices as a result. Nevertheless, getting separate coverage for a teenager is more costly will remain valid. For this reason it is important to consult multiple car insurance agents St George to get the best price.

Males and females aged 17 have the lowest car insurance

Male teenagers spend roughly 12% more on vehicle insurance than female teenagers. Insuring a male teen driver costs approximately $398 more than insuring a female teen driver. The rate is higher since insurance firms have discovered that males are more prone to risk-taking driving behaviors than females. Furthermore, male teenagers obtain more traffic citations than female teenagers. As a result, male teenagers have a greater rate of accidents and insurance claims.

 A licensed driver, the vehicle you choose is essential

The type of car your teenager drives has an impact on rates. Your child could have their heart set on a Ford Mustang, but insurance one is highly costly – around $1,400, much more insuring a more practical Toyota Camry, that translates to a 44 percent growth. The top speed of a 2015 Ford Mustang is 149 mph, and it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds. On the other hand, the Camry does have a top speed of around 120 mph. Many teenagers may feel compelled to push the Mustang to its limits, but higher rates increase the chance of an accident. Anyone, not just teenagers, will see their insurance prices rise if they own a sporty car.

There are various ways for a 17-year-old to save money for auto insurance

Instead of covering them independently, adding a 17-year-old to a family insurance policy is perhaps the most cost-effective way of saving money for teenager insurance. Whether they can drive the family car, that’s even preferable, unless it’s a fast sports car. Alias offers the best value for money when it comes to adding a car insurance cost for 17-year-old male, with an average yearly cost of $2,823.

Car insurance firms based their premiums on the driver’s licenses of their consumers. Teenagers are unknown people to insurance companies because they will not have a long travel record. As a result, rates go up. Even if your teenager is an excellent driver, the insurance companies can’t assess their driving record because there aren’t enough of it. Nevertheless, there seem to be some cost-cutting methods that it can apply.

Evaluate Insurance Quotes to Find the Best Policy for You and Your Relatives

To discover adequate auto insurance for your 17-year-old driver, browse about or compare quotes. Comparative shopping amongst carriers might save you up to 50% over one of the most expensive providers. The Insurance Information Institute recommends collecting at least three quotations when deciding on a company. You may wish to switch insurance companies if you want the most incredible bargain.

  • Look for businesses that provide discounts to teenagers

Many automobile insurance providers give a good student discount if your teenager has an excellent academic record. For instance, full-time students with such a “B” average or higher receive a 15% discount from Alias.

Advanced driving courses also may qualify you for a discount, though you should verify with your insurance company first because some do not. A safe driving school for your kid, on the other hand, is a fantastic option in any case as it will give them extra experience behind the wheel. As a result, fewer accidents will save money for decades to come.


If you are looking for the best car insurance for 17-year-old pay monthly, then you are at the right place. Alias Insurance is a reliable insurance company you can rely on. As of now, they have satisfied thousands of teens and helped them get insurance at an affordable price.

By Manali