Meetings are crucial activities to any company and happen with a certain frequency. Depending on the matter, they can even be daily. Therefore, it is essential to have a good and comfortable meeting room. However, not all companies have it. Some don’t have the space, while others are virtual companies that don’t have any buildings. The solution to these problems is to rent a meeting room. Yet, how can I know which meeting room rental in Calgary is the best? Well, there are four things to consider when renting a meeting room. Let’s see what they are.

Location and accessibility

Always pick a meeting venue close and conveniently located for the attendees. It can be an easy task when everyone lives in the same area, but it cannot be easy when people from different cities come to meet. In that case, you should prioritize quality over location since these people already have difficulty with the location.

Accessibility is vital. Get to know the people that are going to the meeting. Do they use public transportation? If so, choose a place near a station. Physical accessibility is a must. Does the place have a ramp available? Where are the elevators? Ask the venue about their accessibility, and if they lack something, equip yourself with extra staff on the day of your event.

Meeting room ambiance

The meeting room needs to be the right size for all your needs. If it is too large, you’ll be paying more than necessary, but if it is too small, it won’t be able to accommodate all the attendees. Calculate the chairs, tables and other equipment you’ll need.

Pick a room with the same vibe and look that your event has. For example, a meeting with clients or prospects requires a room that projects professionalism. Yet, an all-day workshop needs a flexible space with on-site catering. There are many types of meetings, so you must be careful when picking the room. Don’t sacrifice the right ambiance and amenities to save money.

Facility offerings

Before renting the room, you need to know what is included in need. Some basic things can’t be missing, like reliable wi-fi for all attendees, a printer, video conferencing capabilities, and a projector. These are the things that need to be in the room. However, some things need to be in the building of the room. For example, a good bathroom and being close to a restaurant in case your attendees get hungry.

Rental costs

Finally, you need to think about the rental costs. In addition to the actual meeting room rental rate, look for possible added costs such as taxes, access to powers, setup and strike fees, service fees, and tips. The rental fee may be cheap, but the added costs may turn it into an expensive one. So, be always aware and careful.

Plan yourself and run through the exact costs of the meeting room rentals before signing with them.

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By Manali