QuickBooks error code H202

A server computer stores QuickBooks company files (QBW). Workstations are all computers that connect to the network and don’t have the QBW files. The H202 QuickBooks error occurs when a workstation cannot access a file in a company that was stored on another computer. This error message is displayed as follows:

Error Code: H202

This company file can be found on another computer. QuickBooks needs assistance connecting.

How to solve this problem:

Open the start menu on the computer that contains the company file. Next, open QuickBooks Database Server Manager. The Database Server Manager scans your files and will restore the connection.

What causes error H202 in QuickBooks?

The QuickBooks error code H202 occurs when QuickBooks Desktop tries to establish a connection with the company file but cannot communicate with the server for one of the following reasons.

  • Incorrect settings for hosting.
  • The firewall on the server is blocking all incoming and outgoing communications.
  • Conflict with DNS server
  • QuickBooks cannot find the IP address of the server or host system hosting the company file.
  • The server computer is not running certain internal QuickBooks services, such as QBCFMonitor or QuickBooksDBXXX.
  • The network data file (.ND), is corrupted or damaged.

How do I fix the QuickBooks Error H202

NOTE: Make sure you back up your QBW file before performing the solutions in this section. This will allow you to go back and retrieve the original data.

Intuit recommends that you use the QuickBooks Database Server Manager in order to correct the error. If you have already tried the QuickBooks Database Server Manager and are still experiencing H202 errors, here are some solutions.

NOTE: To achieve the best results, order the solutions as follows

Solution 1: Test Network Connectivity

To check the network connection, ping your server from the computer that is giving you the error H202.

NOTE: If you don’t know the server name of your server, you will need “Network Discovery” to enable it on your server computer.

These steps will allow you to ping your server.

  • To open the Run window, type runs into the Windows search bar.
  • Type cmd into the search field in the Run window and then click Enter.
  • Enter ping [servername] and hit the Enter key to ping the server from your workstation.

Note: You must keep space between your server name and ping. This step should not be executed with brackets around your server name.

It is possible to detect packet loss and get slow replies. This indicates that the network must be fixed. If that happens, go to Solution 2.

Solution 2: Need to use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

To resolve network problems that may be preventing multi-user access to the server, run QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

This is how to fix network and file issues in your company with QuickBooks File Doctor

Try the following solution if the QuickBooks error H202 persists.

Solution 3: Configure your Firewall Settings in QuickBooks Desktop

Verify that your server firewall settings aren’t blocking QuickBooks. For detailed instructions on how to add QuickBooks ports exception to the firewall, please refer to the post titled ‘Configure Firewall & Internet Security Settings for QuickBooks Desktop’.

After you have set firewall permissions, open QuickBooks on your workstation using multi-user mode. The next solution is available if the problem persists.

Solution 4: Make sure the QuickBooks Services Are Running

Verify that QuickBooks services are running on your server computer. To verify that QuickbooksDBXX is running, follow the steps below. Next, repeat the same steps for QBCFMonitorService.

  • Enter Run into the Windows search box.
  • Then need to type services.msc into the Run window then press Enter.
  • Double-click QuickBooksDBXX in the Services window.

Note: XX Notes is the version of QuickBooks.

  • The QuickBooksDBXX Properties window will be displayed. Choose Automatic Startup Type.
  • You must set the Service status to Running or Start. Or else, select Start.
  • Next, select the Recovery tab.
  • Select Restart the service from each of the three drop-down menus.
  • To save your changes, click Apply then press OK.

Continue the steps for QBCFMonitorService. After you have completed these steps, open QuickBooks at each workstation. Select the File menu, and then choose Switch to Multiuser Mode. The problem has been fixed if everything can be opened correctly.

Solution 5: Add your server to Windows Hosts.

Edit the file to add your computer server in the Windows hosts directory. Follow these steps to do this:

  • To open the Windows hosts file on the computer that is giving you an error, choose one of these paths:



  • Double-click on the host file.
  • If you are asked to choose Notepad when opening the file,
  • After the IP address last, in the host file enter Server’s IP Address followed by Server Name.

NOTE – Use the TAB key to the separate IP address from the server name

  • Choose Save from the File menu.
  • Click Exit.

Once you have completed the above steps, open the company file in multiuser mode. If that fails, try the next method.

What is QuickBooks Error H202 and how can I fix it?

Here we have discussed the QuickBooks Error H202 and the steps required to fix it.


By Manali