Outlook is a great platform for sending and receiving email. However, there are some outlook errors that can cause problems. This article is for you if you’re facing the same problem. We will discuss the problem and offer solutions.

Problem and Solutions:-

Error [pii_email_373158ef2aa66aa3250f] :

This error is caused by PST corruption. This error code is generated if there is a problem with PST corruption. This is the file that contains all of the Outlook mailbox items. This problem can occur if the PST associated with the Outlook profile is corrupted. The user will need to fix the PST connection problem using either a manual approach, or third-party software.

Move or clear email from your outlook folder:

Outlook will malfunction if there is too much data. In such a case, the user must delete all unnecessary files from their trash folder as well as from Outlook. You can check if you have any unneeded files. This will optimize the performance and allow Outlook to run smoothly.

Reinstall Outlook:

If you are not able to use the above methods, uninstall Outlook and then install it again. There are some installation errors that can be corrected after the installation. If outlook crashes at any time, it is best to go through the installation process.

View the antivirus settings:

Antivirus software is used to scan emails. A user must check the antivirus settings for email scanning at that moment. The antivirus may have some default settings or configurations that can limit the connection of Outlook to the server. If you don’t want to deal with the same problems, disable the antivirus temporarily and adjust the settings accordingly.

Delete any suspicious messages from your mail If you have a damaged message, you can fix it by following the steps:

  • Ask your ISP to remove any suspicious e mails.
  • You can delete any suspicious e mails by accessing your mailbox using the Web-based email program of your ISP.

These are the solutions and errors that a user should consider when using the device effectively.

By Manali