The summer season is just a few days away and with that, people are looking forward to so many things, including family suppers, pool parties, and karaoke nights. Are you looking forward to having your friends and family over, too?

If yes, my article will help you add life to your party. As you know, whether it’s a karaoke night or a pool party, they all remain incomplete without food. Yes, food is the life of every party. It may not be a proper lunch or dinner, but snacks are mandatory. The following are a few amazing snacks that you must keep around:

Cheese Quiches 

French cuisine is absolutely amazing. It’s different from them all, given its unique taste and distinctive ingredients. One of the best French delicacies includes cheese quiches also known as cheese tarts.

They’re simpler to make and won’t take more than 20-30 minutes of your time. Although I prefer plain cheese quiches, you can always change the ingredients when garnishing the tarts as per your taste and liking.

Turkey Sandwiches 

For summer parties, it’s always best to have lightweight snacks. Speaking of light-weight snacks, cold sandwiches are a go-to for everyone. They’re not exactly non-perishable but can be refrigerated for a day or two.

Another great thing is that you can experiment a lot with cold sandwiches. Turkey sandwiches are my favorite when it comes to cold sandwiches; however, you can always skip the turkey and add chicken or beef instead. Many people like tuna sandwiches more, so that’s another option.

Weed Brownies 

What’s the point in hosting a summer party if you’re not going to let loose and have some real fun? Well, there’s no harm in loosening up a tad. Therefore, I always keep some weed brownies whenever I host a supper or pool party for my friends.

For this, I usually order cannabis now in Pitt Meadows and add it to the traditional brownie recipe of my mother. Oh, and guess what? Everyone loves it. All my friends are irrevocably in love with my weed brownies. In fact, they look forward to them every time I host a party.

Berry Pavlova 

Although berry Pavlova is my recipe for executive dinners, who says you cannot have one at the summer supper? Well, you most certainly can. Berry Pavlova is a lightweight dessert that doesn’t include lots of sugar or carbs.

It’s simple but a little tricky to prepare as you need to blend everything evenly without leaving any knots in the mixture. Plus, the oven needs to be efficient as a little high or low flame can ruin the Pavlova. Once done, all you need to do is add some cream and berries on top of it and serve.


Last but not least, cocktails are a must, especially if you’re hosting a pool party or a karaoke night. Cocktails will help you forget about your worries for a while and enjoy yourself to the fullest. The effect will be similar to that of weed brownies.

For this, it’s better if you keep a few different whiskeys and soda drinks around. Let your guests make their customized cocktails and have a blast. Why? Because not everyone likes a single flavor, it’s always best to provide a variety.

Pretty great, eh? Follow the tips and tricks mentioned above and host a memorable party for your friends and family this summer. I wish you all the best!

By Manali