What do you know about a touchless door solution? Are you thinking of incorporating a touchless door solution into your firm or workplace? Consider yourself lucky because you’re on the right blog. 


In this article, I will be showing you everything you need to know about a touchless door solution.


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Overview of this article:

  • What is a touchless door solution?
  • Characteristics and importance of a touchless door solution.
  • Things to consider before implementing it.

What Is A Touchless Door Solution?

A touchless door solution is a modern technology incorporated to reduce the use of our hands to open doors. A touchless door solution operates with sensors that can detect a person approaching, send an automatic response, and then do the needful by giving the person access. 

Characteristics And Importance Of A Touchless Door Solution

  1. Low energy: this technology has been seen to consume less power and energy. It might look very complex but the truth is; it doesn’t consume much as we think it does.
  2. Less manual effort: due to the way it was developed, there would be no need to use your hands in opening the door. Some of these systems could be developed with features like facial recognition, motion censoring, and the like depending on the setting of the organization using it.
  3. Improved hygiene: due to the widespread of covid-19, the need for a touchless door solution has increased. Take for example a door handle that has been touched by an infected person and another person touching it. It would do more harm by spreading the deadly virus but with the use of a touchless door solution, there would be no hands-on effect.
  4. Linked technology: this list would be incomplete without mentioning how you can link this technology with some others. For example, you could connect with your mobile phone enabling an auto-lock and vice versa.
  5. Creation of a better work environment: if you operate a big firm/organization, it is best to operate with this kind of door solution because it raises the work standards and also makes it a beautiful place to be. 

Things To Consider Before Implementing A Touchless Door Solution

There are some important things to check out before implementing this technology which are:

  • Funds: as important as this technology is, it doesn’t come at an affordable price. First of all, you’ll need to get the materials and also get the best of hands to get it done for you. It would cost a lot, so you need to have your budget fixed before going into it.
  • Your work environment: this technology cannot work for every work environment. For example, you might not be needing it in a retail store. You need to observe your work environment first before incorporating this idea.

Power: do you have the required amount of power and energy to keep the technology running? If you do not, then you should work on providing the required amount of energy needed for this to have a consistent flow of activities. You should take note of all these!

By Manali