Are you renovating your house and want elegant window designs? Are you an environmentalist looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint on Earth? The double glazed windows in Melbourne is all that you would need. Windows are an essential part of a house, just like the doors. They provide you with ventilation and protect your house from dust and pollution. A suitable window can elevate the look of your dream home to the next level with reasonable safety and security.

In Melbourne, the cold season last for about 7 to 8 months a year. With an entire winter season per year, any house requires proper insulation to keep the temperature under control and bearable. There are many ways to keep the temperature under control inside your dwellings. You can either use a room heater or have a bonfire. The problem with any room heating source is heat loss. More the heat loss, more the usage of the heat source. It could also increase the emission of carbon, which is a very harmful greenhouse gas. The double glazed window can insulate your house well and save a lot of electricity. Double glazed windows have two panels of glass fixed on a pivot creating a sandwich that contains air pockets between them. The air most found in the air pockets is argon gas.

Things to know before choosing double layer window

Less noise

Living near a school or a busy road in Melbourne is quite common and distracting. You cannot focus on your job or any other work. These windows can insulate your home from heat and noise and makes you feel comfortable. They can keep your home away from the noise as the argon gas is a poor conductor of heat and soundwaves, preventing the annoying horn noises.

Less condensation

After a cold night here in Melbourne, when you open your blinds, you can see the condensed water all over your window, inhibiting the views from outside. Also, the condensed water can make your window area messy and wet. It can promote mould growth which can be harmful to you. The air pockets in these glazed windows prevent moisture deposition on the window.

Weather friendly

During summertime, the windows block the rays from the sunlight. It avoids the heat build-up within the room, making it more relaxed than the temperature outside.

Also, during the winter season, the inert gas within the air pocket does not allow the heat to flow outside. It is because the inert gas is non-reactive and has a poor conductor of heat.

Pocket friendly

When you install these double glazed windows in Melbourne, you can save a lot of money from electricity bills, both during the winter and summer seasons. Everybody uses the room heater during the winter season. There can be heat loss through doors, and as a result, the heater operates longer than it should. With the double glazed option, the heat loss is under control, and thus the heater runs for a lesser period. It can bring an appreciable change to the electricity bills.

During the summer season, the windows block the heat outside, saving a lot on the air-conditioning bills each year.


By installing the double glazing Bristol window, you are also upgrading the security feature of your house. A glazed window with toughened glass and locks can ensure more or equal safety like the other options. Their tight seals make them difficult for anybody to breakthrough.

The frame

People prefer the UPVC frames over wood. Both UPVC and wood materials are good insulators, but wood expands and tightens with time and varying temperatures, whereas the former does not.

By Manali