The act of birth-giving on its own is already something you should be applying ample time and effort into preparing for. You will inevitably experience strong sensations as your body naturally expands to bring new life into the world. The more proactive action you put into our comprehensive hypnobirthing classes the better. All of that energy will go towards cementing values of relaxation, keeping negative feelings at bay and managing the sensations that will wash over you. Do we guarantee that you won’t experience pain and other overwhelming feelings? No. certainly not. But what we will do, is helping you in managing those feelings in a healthy and holistic way. The last thing you should be looking for is an ideal birth because this isn’t something attainable for anyone. The founder of hypnobirthing, Marie Mongan, always says that hypnobirthing does not guarantee a pain-free birth, but it will help you feel more comfortable in the sensations you experience. We’ll answer this and many more pressing questions about hypnobirthing below… 

Will I still need pain relief during a hypnobirthing?

Once you fully explore how to practise hypnobirthing, you’ll realise that there is nothing you HAVE to do and that it is all about what you want. It is up to you to make the empowered decision to choose pain relief interventions during labour. Our classes only aim to give you the tools for carrying out non-medical comfort measures but that doesn’t mean that any medical intervention is strictly forbidden. The techniques and principles we’ll explore will help you harness your body’s innate natural relaxant to bring about a more comfortable birth. One of the tools is helping you achieve a focused state of deep relaxation which is the hypnosis element and on the other end of the spectrum, there is the magic of breathwork. Many of the birthing partners we work with are always surprised once they learn how to enter into various lulls of relaxation and it becomes easier and easier over time. Anything other than this would be counterproductive to your body’s natural rhythm but we will explore all this and more in our online hypnobirthing classes

Will hypnobirthing help with pain during my recovery?

Gentle births are likely to see a reduction in pelvic floor damage. This is only one way to look at things when it comes to the physical aspect of recovering from labour, but we wouldn’t want to predict how your body will respond because no two are the same. The techniques learnt also make sure that birth givers and their partners are better equipped to select care providers who support their birth wishes, which in turn leads to greater satisfaction with their birthing experience. Some research conducted shows that hypnobirthing assists in lower rates of post-birth emotional imbalance and increased self-confidence. 

When learning how to practice hypnobirthing, you will discover everything that is within you to become skilled in bringing your mind and body into harmony so that your hormones can flow in abundance and influence the contraction of your uterine muscles. Conditioning your body and mind to work in sync with one another is one of many ways to bring you closer to an empowered birth. To ensure that we continue to labour undisturbed. Reach out to us at Little Bird Flies and we are happy to help first-time parents, and even second-time ones, in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. 

These days, you can also easily get in touch with specialised hypnobirthing healthcare professionals who can give you the support you need. In Australia, we have a range of maternity care options, the most common two options being the public and private maternity systems. And, if you have absolutely no clue where to even start, 90-minute consultation with Melissa at Little Bird Flies in her popular one-off “So you’re pregnant, now what?” consults may just be the way to go to gain knowledge and guidance for this exciting but slightly daunting time in your life! 

By Manali