It’s not uncommon to see how prominent online trading has become and how it’s taken up by hundreds of thousands of Australians. A lot of it can be attributed to the advancements in digital technology and software infrastructure that integrated financial trades into the digital space. Individuals can download metatrader 4 in Australia or other reliable platforms and start trading just like that as all the trading processes are seamless and convenient.

Online traders doubled in numbers within the last two years owing to the onset of the global pandemic. Those numbers are expected to be bolstered in the coming years as the trade market in the country grows and more and more users get into online trading.

Considering the potential of trading stocks online, a lot of people can use it to generate extra revenue on the side while working a day job. With reliable trading platforms available, people can download metatrader 4 in Australia or other trading software and get real-time information without the hassle of adding a middleman. For those looking to get familiar  with online trading and investing, here are a few basics to keep in mind first: 

  1. It Takes Patience: Like any other skill, online trading requires patience and commitment to learning. That means spending a few hours every day learning the ropes of trading, the Australian regulations regarding online trades, fixing buy orders and analysing charts and market performance. However, the good thing is that there are a lot of online communities, videos, blogs, forums and resources to help newbies get started. But the key is persistent learning, there’s no way around it. Build a strong foundation and go up from there and in time, there won’t be as much confusion as there was during the initial phase of learning.
  1. Experience: The next key thing is experience and there is not a single trader who is adept and doesn’t have a lot of experience under their belt. Experience builds confidence and the ability to cherry-pick the best trades in less time. Don’t worry about the mistakes made along the way. Instead, focus on the results. Start small with a little budget to see how things pan out and go for bigger or riskier trades once the whole trading system becomes familiar.
  1. Set A Budget: It’s better to set up a new account for trading as it gets rid of any unnecessary confusion down the road. It’s a safer option too. Set up a trading account, keep aside a portion of the monthly income for this purpose but don’t go all-in on the money. As a word of caution, when attempting risker trades, only invest money that doesn’t put many dents if lost. A budget also helps narrow down trades and helps traders make more practical decisions.
  1. Have Realistic Expectations: A lot of YouTube and social media personalities have made online trading into a false gold mine that needs less effort. That’s not true and nobody becomes rich by trading stocks overnight. Don’t let unrealistic expectations or emotions get in the way of decisions and always have a clear goal in mind. Start small, experience how everything works and build a diverse portfolio to mitigate the risks involved.
  1. Have A Backup Plan: Although most wouldn’t recommend this option, it’s beneficial to have a backup plan set in place in the beginning. Set orders on stocks in case the prices go below a certain limit and fix up an emergency fund to cover expenses for three or four months. A simple well thought plan is more advantageous than a decision made on the spur of the moment.

By Manali