At first, I noticed that the passenger side was wet. Then when I turned around I started to see a funny sound and a wet smell. The explosion hits the fan like there’s a drop of water somewhere. The dealer said it could be removed. But you need $ 69 to see them. It can cost up to $ 300 to repair. Where have you heard so far?

This particular car is a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer that is a small fast man with a solid engine compartment.

Based on the little information I received from the distributor and the advice of other technicians, I decided to make a small box to capture moisture under AC evaporation. It looked like a small pipe was locked.

I really find the elbow tube hard. The elbow had only one toe on each foot. I found it in a clear GMC pickup. So I knew what I was looking for. In the Lancer it was well hidden even in the busy part of the engine compartment for the radio. But he was there. I took it out and filled my face with water in my attempt. It’s full of leaves, I can not guess how the leaves fall. But it’s so small, it only needs two people to seal, clean, and go back. The problem is solved

Always there, but: the AC explosion engine then makes a lot of noise and eventually dies. A few months after loosening the drain pipe. If the locked tube had been opened earlier, the engine would have survived.

It was a painful process. But if I already knew what I know now, it would be easy!

Update 2009: This happened again. I began to see water on the floor. I do not know how the leaves got into my condensate holder. But it was clearer and more urgent. I took the fire and fastened it to my elbow. Then reach behind the engine and remove it, yes, it has a leaf. Part of the water immediately receded. I cleaned it up and turned it on again. This will help you if you have thin elbows.

Not surprisingly, the most common problem involving a plumber is dangerously DÉBOUCHAGE. The plumbing system in your home is as important to your body as your arteries and veins are to your body. Like the old saying about your health. This only applies to your entire home.

One ounce of protection costs a pound to heal.

Do not block your drains until they are. This protects your home like a human being by following simple precautions.

1. Use a squeegee and drain plug whenever possible. Keeping large amounts of food waste, hair and other contaminants away from the waste is the best way to make sure your plumbing is not blocked.

2. Clean and store the pie regularly and squeeze the juice. The hair can get tangled under the blanket while bathing. Practice washing it after each use.

3. Make sure that the only food product that is going to dispose of waste is disposal. Dispose of all expandable flours, such as rice and pasta, in your trash can. Fats, oils and fats should not go into the trash with fibrous substances such as corn husks and onion skins. These products easily accumulate in your Channel. And causes unpleasant plumbing when tightened.

4. Women’s Products – Pay special attention to the item you wash, biodegradable and washable. Read the label on the back of the item and double check that it can be washed and removed. If not, or when am I not sure? You have to throw it in the trash.

5. Be sure to advise all family members on the possibility of a blocked drain. Make sure children and other family members do not throw items into the toilet or drain, and that no steps are taken to ensure that plumbing is not locked.

Although the most careful preventative measures ensure that there are no problems with the plumbing system. But none of these plans can be safely disrupted and locked down. If you have an extra drain or a blocked sink. Try the following methods.

By Manali