A Corporate Demat Account is a type of Demat Account opened in the name of a private company or corporate business, with a planned goal to invest in the stock markets. Public Limited Companies, Corporate Houses, and Private Firms can open this Demat account in their name and utilize it to invest in –

  • Stocks Mutual Funds
  • Stocks
  • Other Investments Options

As a Corporate Firm, are you undecided about which stockbroker to choose? You’ll need to go over the Fees & Charges plans of the Investment Brokers offering lucrative Corporate Demat Account Fees, so you can compare and choose the one that best meets your demands.

In this article, let’s have a look at the various fees that you’ll have to pay to use a Corporate Demat Account and explore the chances of some good investment opportunities for your company.

Charges for Corporate Demat Accounts

Due to the advent of the online methods, the following are improved for the Corporate Demat Accounts –

  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • Safety

All of these benefits come at a price, in the form of Corporate Demat Account Fees. These fees are charged by your depository participants and can differ from one broker to another.

Types of Corporate Demat Account Charges

  • Charges for Opening a Demat Account for Corporates
  • AMC Fees for Demat Account for Corporates
  1. Charges for Opening a Demat Account for Corporates

Many stockbrokers now offer you the option of opening a secure Corporate Demat Account online, charging a fee to your depository participant in order to open and activate your account. The majority of stockbrokers nowadays provide a Free Demat Account for the Corporat Companies.

For some brokers, even if the account opening is not free, the fees are almost insignificant. This has also resulted in a lot of competitiveness. Corporate Firms nowadays hunt for stockbrokers who charge less and provide the most benefits.

With reputed brokerage firms like Choice India, you can always open your Demat Account for Corporates at no cost at all, in a few easy account opening steps.

  1. AMC Fees for Demat Account for Corporates

You must pay some account maintenance fees, charged by your stockbrokers, to ensure that your Corporate Demat Accounts are properly regulated and maintained. These Corporate AMC (Account Maintenance Charges) Fees differ from one stockbroker to another, depending on their plans.

Some stockbrokers charge their clients on an annual basis, but more recently, several stockbrokers have introduced monthly programs. You can select a program based on your preferences. An additional benefit that has lately surfaced in AMC fees is that many stockbrokers do not charge any fees for the first year.

Clients have the option of selecting from a variety of AMC plans. Furthermore, you will not be charged any account maintenance fees for the first year. You can choose from the plans starting in the second year, depending on your needs and convenience. As soon as you shut your Corporate Demat account, you will receive your AMC back.


Many Corporates who want to invest in the stock market are constantly looking for an answer to the question regarding the Charges and Fees of Corporate Demat Accounts. These Charges and Fees entirely depend on the stockbroker you select. When your organization opens a Demat Account for Corporates, you will have to pay Account Opening Fees and Maintenance Fees.

However, several stockbrokers have offered no account opening fees to make it attractive and easier for the Corporates looking for investments. If your organization is looking for Capital Management and for that, is interested in opening a Corporate Demat Account, you can choose a renowned brokerage firm offering some great discounts on Charges and Fees!

By Manali