Have you started to look around for cheap auto insuranceand noticed that if you’re 18 years old, then the rates are ridiculously high? Well, if you’re in that boat, hang in; we are going to give you some answers to your questions and help you find out the best rates for your car insurance.

Why are the prices higher for 18-year-olds?

Getting insurance for people under the age of 25 is always going to be more expensive, and the risk is so much higher because there’s something we call profiles, and there’s different profile fits for each company. Many factors are considered while calculating the average 18-year-old car insurance costs. It results in higher insurance prices for teenagers, making it difficult to find cheap car insurance for 18 year old male.

Mistakes committed while buying auto insurance for 18-years-old

Approaching only the big names– The biggest mistake people make while shopping is approaching only the most heavily advertised companies. The very first company that comes to your mind may not offer you the best rate. That’s why it’s important to get quotes from as many companies as you can – you never know which company will offer the price that suits your needs.

Shopping for more car insurance quotes for 18-years-old- The most critical factor in getting a cheaper car insurance rate is shopping around for as many car insurance quotes as you can. Since different insurance companies charge different rates for the same coverage, you can easily compare the prices of all the companies and pick the best one for you. You should go for at least four quotes from different insurers; less than that will not do the job for you.

Not looking for Discounts- Most people don’t consider discounts while selecting insurance. To find cheap auto insurance for 18-years-old, you should look to avail several discounts offered to teenagers, for example, discounts for students who get good grades, those who live away from home, drivers who complete defensive driving courses, etc.

Things to remember while buying insurance policies

Here are some strategies which you should keep in mind while buying an insurance policy-

Ensure a High-Deductible Plan

A deductible is an amount that you have to pay to the insurance company before collecting the money on your claim. A higher deductible will lead to lower monthly premiums, so this can be advantageous as long as you won’t have to go into debt to pay your deductible if you get in a car accident.

Ensuring a clean driving record is crucial.

A clean driving record is necessary to keep insurance rates as low as possible. A single ticket or accident can cause insurance rates to increase significantly. There are many expenses involved in a car accident, a lot of the more serious than your car insurance rates, and winding up in a car accident can cause insurance prices to rise significantly.

A good Credit Score helps you a bit.

Making payments faithfully on the credit card will help you increase your credit score. Having a solid credit score will help you lower the car insurance rates for the rest of your life – that can add up.

Choose a suitable vehicle.

Sports cars or luxury vehicles are fun to drive, but these cars increase insurance costs for an 18-year-old man. A simple car or sedan is considered the cheapest vehicle to insure for a teenager. Choosing the right vehicle for insurance can help in saving hundreds of dollars.


It is very important to do a little research before shopping for any car insurance policy. For cheaper rates, especially for 18 years old, the best thing to do is stick with a lower-budget model.

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