advanced ovulation calculator

If you want to conceive a baby, then you need to understand the fertility window and plan intercourse for it. The fertility window actually refers to the days in which your body is considered to be most fertile. You should know that calculating the fertility cycle in the past was considered to be very difficult but today you have free access to the advanced ovulation calculators that can help you estimate your fertility calendar in less than seconds. 

The fertility window and the chances of you getting pregnant are directly dependent on each other. You would only get pregnant if your body is fertile and ovulating. When the female body is not ovulating then the chances of getting pregnant are quite slim.

Sometimes it can be a dispute between life partners about when to take the pregnancy. Couples usually want to conceive the first baby quickly, you can manage such disputes by using the ovulation calculator. It provides you with all the information about the pregnancy window and at that particular time, you can copulate to have a dream baby.

You have to understand the fact that if you want to get pregnant or avoid getting pregnant then the top thing you need to care about is timing, so take care of it!

What is your Fertility Window and how can you Calculate it Accurately?

Ovulation is the phase when the female body produces an egg for fertilization. The eggs are produced and released from the ovaries of the female body. Now the egg when released would stay in the body for around 24 hours. After that, it would be released in the form of pee. 

Now in the 24 hours in which the egg lives in the fallopian tube, it is important that the couple has sex so that the male sperm can fertilize the egg. An important factor that you need to know is that the male sperm can survive inside the female body for around six to seven days. So if a couple wants to get pregnant then they need to have sex around the ovulation days. 

Calculating Fertility with an Advanced Ovulation Calculator:

In the past, there was no accurate way of finding the exact fertile days but today you can use the online ovulation day calculator and find out when you would be possibly releasing an egg. Now you must know that these online fertility calculator tools are very easy to use and even a woman with no prior knowledge of these tools can utilize them like a pro. 

You simply have to open the advanced ovulation calculator tool on your browser and first enter the first date of your last period. After that, you have to provide information about the average length of your menstrual cycle. On the basis of the details you provide on the tool, you would get results.

You must know that these online ovulation tracker tools are free and very easy to use. 

Some Signs that you have to Look for When you are Ovulating:

When the advanced ovulation calculator tells you that your body would be fertile you have to make sure that you check the signs that we have mentioned below.

  • You have to check the increase in your basal body temperature.
  • You have to check the consistency of your cervical mucus. 
  • You also have to check for any increase in your sexual desire.
  • The position of your cervix would also change during this time.

These are some of the common signs that you need to check when the ovulation calendar tells you that you are fertile. So thanks to online advanced ovulation calculator tools you can easily know about your fertility window!

By Manali