It takes two to tango and make a baby. Men and women can then face the issue of infertility. 

Often, women are under the gun when it comes to infertility, perhaps maybe due to the time limit on the eggs and their limited quantity. Men face no such time constraints, and their body also does not produce a limited number of sperms under normal circumstances. 

However, that does not mean that male infertility is not real. Men very well may be suffering from infertility issues. 

They either may have sexual dysfunction, due to which they cannot perform to impregnate a woman. In such cases, they can either get help from a sexologist or have their sperm drawn up via a needle. 

There are other sources of male infertility as well. Sperm count is one such problem. Similarly, there is also the issue of sperm shape and motility. In some cases, men may also have problems with their sexual desire. Low testosterone levels may also be linked to male fertility. 

The good news is you can take steps to boost your fertility. Averting the risk can help prevent conditions that may prevent you from becoming a daddy.


Exercise is good for the body and your fertility as well. It helps in preventing obesity, which is a risk factor for male infertility. Moreover, exercising also helps in improving testosterone levels in men. 

Likewise, exercise also helps in improving semen quality as well. However, make sure that you do not overdo it. Over-exercising also leads to a reduction in testosterone as well. 

Cut back on trans fat 

Trans fat not only causes weight gain, but as per research, it also leads to a decrease in the sperm count. Therefore, be sure to take on healthy fats like those found in olive oil, nuts, fatty fish, etc. 

Cut out stress

Stress not only causes sexual dysfunction which makes it harder for men to perform sexually, but stress also affects the testosterone levels in men. Hence, it is important that you address issues causing you stress. 

Yoga, meditation, deep breathing are some of the ways you can improve the symptoms of stress. 

Fish can help 

Fish can also help in improving your fertility. The omega-3 fatty acid therein helps with the improved motility of sperm. While more research is needed, fish is good for health and so, can’t hurt! 

Vitamin C

It is also helpful to get vitamin C in your diet. It is an antioxidant quality and as oxidative stress in the body can lead to problems with fertility in men, alongside causing other issues, it’s of great help. Moreover, as per research, taking vitamin C also helps in improving sperm motility and count. It also helps in decreasing the number of deformed sperms as well. 

Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits like grapefruits, oranges,  and is also present in green leafy vegetables. You can also get vitamin C supplements. 

Vitamin D

Another nutrient that helps in boosting male fertility is vitamin D. It helps in improving the testosterone levels in men, which then improves their performance as well. A simple way to get more vitamin D is by getting enough sunlight. 

Zinc is your friend 

The deficiency of zinc leads to low sperm count and issues with sperm quality. It also increases the overall risk of male infertility. Therefore, make sure that you get enough zinc. Dietary sources of zinc include meat, eggs, etc. You can also try zinc supplements. 


Walnuts are also good for improved fertility. They help in increasing the quality of the sperm. 

Visiting an expert

It is also important that you visit the fertility expert if you have been trying to have a baby for 12 months if your partner is under 35. For older couples, it is important to visit the fertility expert at Mid City Hospital after 6 months of trying.

By Manali