Best 1337x Proxy site List (2021)

Through torrent sites, users can peer-to-peer share premium software, files, applications, and games on the internet, and with the advent of torrent sites, it is easy to download movies, software, and games from the internet. Some of the greatest sites, like 1337x, have been taken down by government authorities for violating copyright laws and infringement of cyber laws. This action also hits some of the best torrent websites, including KickAss, The Pirate Bay, and Extratorrent.

1337x has also been taken down by government agencies in several countries including the United Kingdom and Australia.1337x has been blocked in several countries including the United Kingdom and Australia.

Nevertheless, do not be upset if your original domain-named website is unavailable. There are several proxy or mirror websites that work, such as 1337x. These may not be exact replicas of your original sites, but they generally work the same way.

They are familiar with these proxy websites and are not far from their loved one’s 1337x torrent websites. But 1337x is not the only option.

We have listed some of the best alternatives to 1337x that are results-oriented.

Disclaimer– We are only mentioning these torrent sites for informational purposes and we do not support or encourage the use of copyrighted content.

1337x clone sites 2021 (100% working)

  • 1337x

1337x Mirror Sites in 2021

There are several mirror sites of 1337x that can be accessed when the real 1337x sites cannot be reached. We have listed a list of mirror websites that will help you unblock 1337x if your ISP has blocked it in your area.


1337x Torrent Alternatives in 2021

Don’t worry if the above-listed torrent sites are not available or working for you. You can also download movies, software, applications, and video games from other torrent websites. If you wish to torrent with these 1337x options, you can use a VPN to access them.

1. THE PIRATES BAY — Best 1337x Alternative

P-P innovation makes Pirates Bay very popular among its users for downloading files. We have alternatives to the pirate bay proxy websites if the pirate bay is blocked or unavailable in your area.

2. Kickass Torrents — Popular 1337x Torrent option

The Kickass torrent website is among the most popular torrent websites internationally among its users who have actually been subjected to fairly a few police checks. Torrent website users have managed to come up with a working domain of Kickass Torrent time and time again. These sites are alternatives to KickAss torrent sites.

3. RARBG — Torrent site to use when isn’t working

Among torrent users, the RARBG torrent search engine is very popular thanks to its simple accessibility and the extensive variety of torrents available. When those sites aren’t available for any reason, we recommend using the 1337x torrent option

4. YTS

It is a popular torrenting site for movies among movie fans. YTS is the second most visited website after The Pirates Bay.

It was launched in 2011 and is exclusively popular with movie lovers. Whether it’s an old favourite or a new release, Heather’s got it all.


Is the most secure website.

Launched in 2010 and has been running smoothly since then, resulting in only a few bans. Tor Lock is only banned in certain countries, such as India, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It can be used in all other countries without difficulty.

TorLock is the safest torrent website and provides safe downloads of files without the worry of malware transfers. Moreover, TorLock thanks the users who find and report fake torrents on the site.

Use VPN with 1337x Proxy Sites

If you intend to open 1337x proxy websites, we recommend using a VPN. When you use VPN with proxy websites, your IP address is hidden and you are protected from malware.

In order to ensure secure browsing, we recommend you buy subscriptions that are valid for life.

  • Express VPN- Monthly and Annually (Recommended)
  • NordVPN-Fast and Secure (Recommended)
  • VPNSecure-Lifetime Subscription
  • BulletVPN-Lifetime Subscription
  • Ivacy VPN-Lifetime Subscription

Frequently asked questions on (1337x)

How do I download from 1337x?

After viewing the torrent file, you wish to download, click on the download button. We have listed 1337x proxy websites you can use if you can’t access the site.

How do I unblock 1337x?

If 1337x is blocked in your nation, use one of our listed clone sites or 1337x mirror sites to unblock it. We discussed 1337x options above. You can find them here.

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