Australian Shepherd vs Rottweiler: Breeds Comparison

When it comes to deciding which of the two popular breeds – the Rottweiler or the Australian Shepherd – you should choose, here are some points to consider:

Both breeds are quite popular among families with children.

One of the most popular reasons for owning both is that they work well in a family environment.

The Australian Shepherd is a highly intelligent dog while the Rottweiler is known for being a very trainable dog.

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Rottweilers are also much calmer than Australian Shepherds.

As far as health goes, both are pretty healthy and have no major problems.

As you can see, there are plenty of similarities and differences between these two popular breeds. Make sure to check out the pros and cons of each before making the decision of which dog to buy for your family!

Australian Shepherd vs Rottweiler Size Comparison

Rottweilers are larger, with a typical height of 22 to 27 inches and weight of 85 to 130 pounds, while the typical height of Australian Shepherd is 18 to 23 inches and they usually weigh 40 to 65 pounds.

We know that these numbers might be too abstract, so we made a tool to help you visualize these numbers.

The following chart compares the average breeds height with the average height of an American man and woman.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data, the average height of a man is 69 inches, and the height of a woman is 63.5 inches.

Australian Shepherd vs Rottweiler lifespan

The quality of care that your dog receives is one of the most important factors that contribute to the length of time it lives.

Not only do they receive the best possible nutrition, but they also have access to veterinary care whenever needed. This ensures that they are always well cared for.

It is a great way to save money on veterinarian costs and prevent your dog from suffering from diseases and ailments that could otherwise shorten its lifespan.

Australian Shepherd vs Rottweiler adaptability

When we say “dog adaptability”, most people think about apartment living adaptability, so let’s start with that.

All dogs are great — but not all dogs are great for or geared toward apartment living. A dog may be considered the worst dog breed for apartments for a few reasons including size, energy level, noise, smell, shedding…

Unfortunately, Australian Shepherds and Rottweilers don’t have a good reputation as good apartment living dogs.

While most dogs can be left home alone for 6 to 8 hours, some will do better. Check out the best chew toys for rottweiler puppies.

Hot weather tolerance

In many parts of Australia and Canada, Rottweiler and Australian Shepherd dogs are popular. Both are excellent choices for family pets that will love spending time outdoors. The breed tends to be a little aggressive with other animals and other people.

So, it’s not unusual for them to chase small children and other animals. It is important to get the right advice when choosing an Aussie or rottweiler.

If you choose to adopt an Aussie or Rottweiler, it’s important to understand that they are big dogs and should be properly trained and supervised when outside. It’s also very important to understand the temperament of the dog before you make a commitment to adopting one.

The best way to ensure the right choice is to visit the dog shelter and meet the dog in person before you decide to adopt.

What about cold weather?

Dogs don’t tolerate cold temperatures well, so you should be careful to pay close attention to their behavior when temperatures drop under 20 degrees.

If your dog starts to show signs of discomfort, such as shivering or becoming anxious, stop and check on their health.

If you notice one or more paws beginning to get cold, or they are holding up one or more paws, it’s time to head inside.

Health And Grooming Needs

If you want your dog to have a long and healthy life you should make sure you get him checked out by a veterinarian to be sure he’s free of any major health problems or issues such as hip dysplasia.

For the most part, this information is for dogs only but cats are not immune from diseases and health issues either. Be sure you research both your feline friend’s and their parents’ health history as well.

When visiting a breeder, ask questions, especially if you have allergies or special dietary needs.

Ask the breeder to describe the conditions the dogs live in and what type of food they eat and ask if you can visit the home, just to get a feel for the conditions.

What about shedding?

Dogs are a great responsibility, but there is no doubt about it—shedding is a real hassle. That’s why I love the advice here. It says: One of the bad parts of having a dog is definitely shedding. So be sure to take this into your consideration when choosing the right breed for you. 

Do Australian Shepherd and Rottweiler need a lot of physical activity?

You know what you get when you buy a dog? Lots of love and a lifetime of unconditional companionship.

However, dogs have a number of unique requirements that you need to be aware of before making a purchase, so here we will discuss what you need to know about dog exercise.

Both Australian Shepherd and Rottweiler require a great deal of exercise and, due to their large body size, should receive roughly two to three hours of hard activity a day.

This is true whether or not you’re planning on participating in a leash or off-leash sport.

If you choose an off-leash sport, it is best to plan to exercise at least twice a day, one with the dog and one without it.

By Manali