If you are a bike lover and you love to ride bikes on roads. Now if you have a bicycle it is also necessary that you should have all the necessary things for riding a bike. If you have a trip plan and you want your bike with you and you don’t know how to carry the bike with you. This kind of problem is now not a big deal because you can get a solution to everything in this fast and technological era. The solution for taking bikes from one place to another is bike racks. If you don’t know about bike racks you came to the right place here you will know about the best quality bike racks and their uses. I will enlighten you about vertical bike racks stay tuned with us and if my narration attracts you and if you decide to buy a bike rack then in this blog you will also know about the best racks and you can easily buy them. So stay tuned with us let’s get started bike lover fellas!

Bike Racks

Bike racks are like bicycle accessories. It attaches to the vehicle to mobile the bicycle. How many bikes you can transport it all depends on your bike rack size and how many stands are available for bikes on it. Don’t be misunderstood by the name of racks some people think of bike racks as those racks which are used as parking racks. Bike racks attach to vehicles for transmitting a collection of bikes from one place to another.

Vertical Bike Racks

Bike racks are very beneficial for bike riders. The riders who travel to one to another city and they love to ride bike and they always want their bike with the bike rack is such a marvelous gift for them. Vertical bike racks are very impressive racks you can set your bicycle with a wall as well as you can mobile one or more bicycles at the same time. If you have no space for storing your bike then just select a free wall and fix the vertical rack bike and set your bike on it and your problem for storing your bike will be solved.

Facts and pros of Vertical bike racks

Interesting facts and pros of bike racks are as follow;

  • Vertical bike rack is the best solution for transporting your one or more bikes from one place to another at the same time.
  • Best solution for storing bicycles if you don’t have enough space.
  • You can vertically mount your bicycles with wall.
  • The VelociRax racks are not so heavy but they can lift a lot of heavy bikes.
  • Bike racks use methodology is very easy.

VelociRax Vertical Bike Racks

VelociRax provides you with the best quality bike racks in a vertical structure. They proffer you 2 years of warranty if in the guaranteed years their material of racks gets any defect then you return the bike racks to them.

VelociRax proffers you 6 vertical bike racks. They proffer following bike racks;

(VelociRax 3X) price of this vertical rack of bicycles is $799.00. You get number 1 of quality. This is made of steel. This vertical rack of bike can hold 3 bikes.

(4’12 VelociRax) price of this vertical rack of bike is $860. Number one quality is waiting for you. 12” space between all bikes. You can hold up to 4 bikes on this bike rack.

(5 VelociRax) price of this bike rack is $885. 10” space between bikes. Number one quality you can mount it in your garage. This bike rack hold up to 5 bikes.

(VelociRax 5X) price of this bike rack is $915. This is bigger than the 5 VelociRax bike rack. It proffers you 15” space between bikes. You can mount 5 bikes on it. It has integrated anti-rattle locking mechanism.

(6 VelociRax) price of this bike rack is $935. It has different space between bikes like some have 10” and the other one has 12”. You can mount up to 6 bikes on it. It has integrated anti-rattle locking mechanism.

The last vertical bike rack of VelociRax is (7 VelociRax) price of this bike rack is $985. It provides you 10” space between bikes mounting. You can trust VelociRax for durability. If you want to purchase a bike rack then is the best company for you.

By Manali