Life as a military officer is far different from life as a civilian. You may know the perks and beauty of life as a civilian, but if you decide on taking a Navy career path, then you have to be ready to make some adjustments to the civilian life you have been used to. Life as a Naval officer has it’s beauty and benefits, however, it’s a whole new lifestyle especially when you come on-board a ship. Life aboard a ship is totally different from your life at home. Most of your activities on the ship are not controlled by you starting from the food you eat, to where you sleep or when you sleep, to what you can do during your free time. 

Because life on a ship is usually so strict and organized, its makes people often wonder if there are even gyms or workout areas on a navy ship, and if they are, which equipment will be able to found there? Do you want to join the Navy? Do you have such thoughts as well? If you do, then continue reading to find our complete answer to the question “are there gyms on Navy ships?”

Do Navy ships have Gyms?

Staying physically fit is a necessity for every naval officer and that does not change even when you’re aboard a ship. Hence, navy ships always have gyms and even workout space. When on a navy ship, sailors usually turn to workouts to alleviate boredom, there are gym and yoga instructors aboard navy ships, so if you’re been wondering about the availability of workout space and gyms on a navy ship, then ponder no more, as you’ll find a good gym with lots of equipment as you set sail.

Which equipment can be found in the gym?

The efficiency of any gym is determined by the quality and availability of workout equipment. There exist different types of workout tools and equipment and each is used for a particular routine. Let’s take a look at the types of gym equipment you can find on a Navy ship:

  • Power Rack/Full Rack
  • Squat rack/ Half rack
  • Cable crossover machine
  • Adjustable weight bench
  • Power tower
  • Chest Press machine
  • Peck deck machine
  • Preacher curl bench
  • Roman chair
  • Leg press machine
  • Leg curl machine
  • Calf raise machine
  • GHD machine
  • Non-portable cardio machines. Etc.

Life on a Navy ship

Now that you know that you can find and access gym and workout space on a navy ship, that may not be all you need to survive on the ship, hence, let’s take a look at other aspects of the life of sailors aboard a ship.

Every sailor on a navy ship is provided with living spaces. This comprises a rack for sleeping, a berthing area where you can store your supplies. For better comfort and privacy on the ship, get some US rack curtains, and good bed sheets, it’ll make your living space more comfortable. Food is prepared by the cook for all service members on board. There’s also the Mess deck, where you can go recreation and also have your meals. Another means sailors use to alleviate boredom is the crew lounges. It’s a place where sailors relax, watch TV and play games. Some vessels have internet connectivity and postal services which you can use to keep contact with your friends and family at home.

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