Hashtags on social media are a great way to gain more followers. Although it is one or two words in a row, it significantly impacts your reach. Instagram allows you to place hashtags in every Instagram feature like posts, reels, stories, IGTV, Live streaming, etc. Hashtags, in general, are used to group the contents under a particular niche. If, for example, you have published a video on beauty products with the hashtag #beautyandmakeup, then the Instagram algorithm will recognize and categorize your content under beauty products. If any searcher enters the word, beauty or makeup, Instagram will pop up your content. It is why experts say to keep relevant hashtags for the content. 

As an Instagrammer, everyone’s wish is to gain popularity. If you want to become viral, try free instagram reels likes trial and increase your credibility. Once you acquire this, gaining more traction for your upcoming videos will be easy. Are you puzzled about how to use hashtags for Instagram? What are the ways to find the best hashtags for your Instagram account? Don’t worry! Read this article to know the full use of Instagram hashtags. Then, let’s explore more about where to place the hashtags perfectly. Let’s begin!

What Are The Instagram Hashtags?

A hashtag on Instagram is a single word or group of words represented with a symbol: #. Include the words after the symbol. Instagram is always hashtag-friendly. It is not that you can add hashtags to your posts; you can also search the hashtags on the explore tab. In addition, you can add unique hashtags if you create a brand or Instagram campaign. 

Instagram Hashtag 2022

As above said, Instagram hashtags act as a label for your content. Recently, Instagram has limited the use of hashtags up to 3-5. To recognize your hashtag on the Instagram algorithm, you have to make your hashtag discoverable. So, have thorough keyword research and then add a hashtag to your content. When hashtags are paired with a great content strategy, it will show you impressive results. The popular hashtags of 2022 are #love, #interiordesign, #design and #fashion. 

How To Identify The Suitable Hashtags For Your Content?

In the initial stages, searching and using hashtags will be mind-boggling. You cannot use the same hashtags for multiple same-category posts, so you find it difficult to search for hashtags here. Whatever hashtag you use, it should be relevant and should be famous. If you regularly post on Instagram, you must create a library of hashtags. The ways you can find suitable hashtags for your post are, 

  • Use the Instagram search function. You can type a relevant keyword in the search tab, and you could able to get more hashtags. 
  • Find and use the hashtag influencers and creators of your niche already used in their posts. As the hashtags are already popular, it is best to repurpose and use them. 
  • Look at your competitor’s post and get an idea from the non-branded tags. 
  • You can also use social media marketing tools to find the best hashtag. 

Where Should You Put Hashtags On Instagram?

There are no such restrictions to placing your hashtags on Instagram. You can add them to your profile bio can hyperlink to specific projects or collections of posts. You can also use your Instagram posts or feeds to reach a broader audience base. Even in the descriptions or comments, you can include your hashtags. Wherever you have hashtags, it will significantly drive engagement. To increase your online visibility, get free instagram reels views trial and reap better results. 

Types Of Hashtags 

  • Brand hashtag- These are generic hashtags where it is related explicitly to brand products. For example, #shareacoke will be used by influencers in a paid partnership. 
  • Category hashtags – These hashtags generally will not relate to any brands. Examples like #running and #marathon will fit into a particular post.
  • Event hashtag: These are hashtags related to particular events. If your event wants to popularize among your target audience, then use the event hashtag. 
  • Campaign hashtag – You can utilize Branded campaign hashtags for specific product launches. 

Benefits Of Using Instagram Hashtags

Targeted hashtags will help you get to new audiences on Instagram. Hashtags are suitable for overall brand exposure. You can use hashtags for community-building, sourcing user-generated content, running campaigns, and researching your audience. In addition, you can check the overlap of your hashtags with your competitors. 

How To Add Instagram Hashtags?

It’s only a few minutes process to add Instagram hashtags. To add an Instagram hashtag to your post, type a pound sign and write the keywords with no spaces on the search tab. You can notice several popular hashtags on the screen, including the number of posts in which that particular hashtag is used. If you want to use those hashtags, click and add them to your post. 

Wrapping Up

With Instagram analytics, you can analyze the effectiveness of the hashtags. However, it is better to check the success of your hashtags with Instagram metrics. Please get to know how many views and impressions of your post it has been brought to you. We hope this article helps design your marketing strategies. Leave your comments below!

By Manali