One of the fundamental things for your Youtube channel is an intro video that steals the viewers’ attention. Without a good intro, the chances of people switching off the video are high.

To drive more traffic to your channel and make the audience stick around until the end, you must have an attractive intro video. It tells the audience what they should expect to see from you and if they want to watch the video.

If you are looking for youtube video ideas for beginners, read along as this article will tell you the best youtube video ideas. 

Why Does it Matter?

Intro video matters as much as the script of the video does. It is because it introduces who you are, what you stand for, and most importantly, what your channel will show them.

An attractive intro video also plays a role in ‘building’ the audience. People might remember the text or colour scheme you use or the music you play in the background. The more they watch it, the more connected they feel with the intro video.

Tips to Make an Intro Video that does Branding for You

You can make attractive Youtube videos with a catchy intro video. Below are the tips you should consider while making an intro video. 

1. Use Doratoon For Awesome YouTube Intros.

For creative YouTube intros, using the right tool is always a better option to go with. Doratoon is a powerful software that allows users to make amazing videos with thousands of templates. Moreover, it also provides royalty-free short clips that you can use in your YouTube videos without worrying about copyright strikes.

Doratoon provides a list of features that help creators to come up with videos that are not engaging but also easy-to-make. It comes with features like:

  1. 1000+ animated characters with facial expressions full of emotions.
  2. AI dubbing and audio scripting which helps creators to add text to speech to the characters.
  3. Motion graphics and professional animation effects..
  4. Thousands of Stock props.
  5. Short clips and images.

With Doratoon’s amazing AI technology, you can add voice to your characters only by using text. Surprisingly, it’s quite easy to navigate through the program since the interface is extremely user-friendly.

Try it for free and bring traffic to your channel with attractive intro videos.

2. It Should be Catchy

Your Youtube channel cannot have a boring intro. Remember, we want people to watch the video until the end. And by “catchy,” we don’t mean fancy or too bright. It can be as simple as you like and still look attractive.

A lot of factors play a part in making an intro video strike – colour theme, special effects, text, music, and your personal touches. It should match the energy of your channel and the audience. You can do that by choosing the right colour palette and music.

3. Make it Shorter than 8 Seconds

You know that feeling when a Youtuber keeps rambling about everything except the actual point, right? The same goes for the intro video – if it’s too long, people will get bored and skip this part.

It is better to stay on the safe side and make shorter intro videos. Make sure your short intro video covers everything you want.

However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all. If you think your intro video can be more than eight seconds and people will not get bored, go for a longer intro. For example, most photographers show their best shots with text and music, and people enjoy watching them.

4. It Should Complement Your Channel

The Intro video tells people what they should expect from the video. It is an important part of your channel, so make sure it complements it.

You have to go with what type of channel you have. If it’s a workout channel, the intro video should be energetic. If it’s a mental health channel, create a calming intro video. The pattern here is to make the audience feel what you want them to feel from the beginning – even before you say something.

5. Get Creative

Just like everything else, get creative with your intro video too. Don’t hesitate to try out different fonts, texts, layouts, themes, and colors.

This is where you can make your intro video unique and attractive. Don’t just take a template, add text, and put it out. Try to do something creative with it instead because eventually, it’s going to be in every single video of yours.

6. Add a Music Track

Another tip to catch the viewer’s attention is to add music to your intro video. It sets the tone of your intro video.

The rule for adding music is the same as the previous one – it should match the energy of your video. It would be safe to say that the music track is what decides the vibe of your intro video.

7. Add a Personal Touch

Customising your intro video is very important. It adds that personal touch to it that helps you connect with your audience. If you want to build a long-term relationship with your subscribers, add a unique element to the intro.

Introduce yourself by writing a text (it can be your name or the name of your channel) and put clips in it that tell the audience what you do.

8. Don’t Stress too Much

There is no need to over-complicate things. If you stress yourself out, you will end up not doing anything at all. That is why we suggest you keep it simple. You can always make amendments to the intro video later.

9. Let it Do the Branding

One of the main things an intro video does is be the face of your video. It’s the first thing to appear in your video, so make it have an impression. It’s brief, but it tells a lot about your channel. If you follow all our tips, your intro video will do branding for you.

Bonus Tip: Don’t ‘Start’ the Video with the Intro Video

To build a relationship with your audience, talk for a few seconds at the very beginning before playing the intro video. Follow this sequence: tell what you will talk about in the video, play the intro, and start with the video. That way, your target audience will stick to the end of the video.

By Manali