The role of a nurse is an extensive one. 

The term “nurse” has two meanings, one of which is the profession itself while the other is the medical personnel who specialize in caring for those with physical and mental injuries, illnesses, or discomfort. 

The qualifications for becoming a nurse are difficult to obtain and require many years of education and training that must be completed before becoming a certified RN. 

Nurses must have enough education to perform their job functions properly, which requires them to have the necessary skills for performing their job duties.

Becoming a Competent Nurse

In order for a nurse to become competent in their specialty, they must spend a huge amount of time learning about normal body systems as well as how they work within the human body. 

Doing specific courses such as a BSN or MSN through universities like Baylor University Online is one way for nurses to get qualified; they may also be able to do some on-the-job training. 

They must also work with many different types of patients while interacting with doctors and other nurses.

Why Nurses Matter for Society and Healthcare

Nurses, or medical professionals in general, are essential for every level of our healthcare system. 

They provide essential care for patients and build relationships that help with the recovery process. 

Without them, we would have fewer people surviving major illnesses with critical illnesses such as cancer. Nurses handle much of the paperwork related to patient care and all the legal decisions that need to be made that affect your health. 

Students may also want to do research on more detailed information regarding the nursing profession and how it has changed over time; they can utilize this topic as a foundation for further research within their own preference.

The Challenges of Healthcare Today That Nurses Face

The need for more healthcare workers has become one of the most publicized issues in the United States today. 

The population is growing, and healthcare needs in the country are going up; this makes it hard for people who want a job in healthcare to find one. 

There have also been many news stories about the lack of awareness among citizens about becoming an RN and how they can face specific challenges related to their job that they may not be prepared to handle, such as interacting with patients, taking care of the paperwork, making decisions that affect patient care, and even working with doctors to organize a treatment plan that would work best for their patients.

Here are a few skills that nurses use and how they can help you succeed if you are looking to become a professional nurse.

Communication Skills

The biggest skill that a nurse uses is, arguably, the skill of good communication. Being able to communicate effectively with patients and their family members is very important in the nursing profession. 

It can be hard for new nurses to come into the field and get good at this skill because, as a student, it may not be put onto your list of priorities. However, you shouldn’t have to work that hard at it, and it is really worth developing and investing in.

Knowledge of Medical Terminology

Another skill that could be really beneficial is being able to understand medical terminology. 

If you are planning on becoming a nurse, you should make sure that you become familiar with all of the medical terms in your field. 

Being confident with the terminology used will make the process of communication with patients much easier. 

Patient Care Skills

Being able to take care of patients and do the things that nurses do is another skill that new nurses need to develop. 

The skills will include being able to follow directions from doctors and other healthcare providers, as well as administering medication and taking care of wounds, caring for bedridden patients, and anything else related to patient care. 

Critical Thinking

Being a critical thinker can be both an asset and a challenge for nurses. 

On the one hand, critical thinking skills are essential for great nurses who need to be able to assess the needs of their patients, but on the other hand, it can mean taking more time than necessary to make sure that everything is done right so you must be careful not to cut corners too much. 


Being accurate is another skill that is essential for a great nurse. 

You must be able to ensure that everything you do for patient care, whether it be paperwork or actual hands-on work, including when you give patients their medication, is done right. 

It’s also important to be accurate when taking care of the paperwork.

Legal Knowledge

Being able to be familiar with legal matters is another important skill that all nurses need to have. 

Nurses must follow all state and federal laws when caring for patients. 

Because of this, you need to be well versed in legal issues that can affect patient care and your position as a nurse. 

Computer Skills

The nature of the nursing profession requires nurses to be comfortable with computers and use them often. 

You must be able to find medical information, make sure it is accurate, keep patient records accurate, and store patient records. 

Technology is ever-present in the medical field, and nurses must be able to communicate with doctors and other healthcare providers by using technology.

Motivation and Ability to Take Initiative

If you want to become a nurse, you should know about the important motivation skills that nursing requires. 

Nurses must work hard because they care for patients that are very sick and won’t get better without their intervention, but they also don’t have the same time pressures as doctors.


These are only a few skills that are important to have as a nurse. 

Try to start with your strengths and weaknesses and work on developing the ones you need. 

You will have much more time to develop skills in your job if you can overcome the ones you don’t have.

By Manali