People can be connected through social media in many various ways. More than a billion individuals use social media in each of its forms. Online, there are several multiple channels you can use to represent yourself. You can do it with video on some websites, like YouTube and Twitch. Snapchat and Instagram, on the other hand, emphasize images more. Twitter and Facebook both prioritize text first. Everyone can find something they enjoy, and there are also some entertaining alternatives. These days, most group chat applications like Discord and many others contain some social media components. Other apps appear to be social networking platforms but aren’t. The dating website scene is one such instance.

You establish a profile, engage in conversation, and meet new people. Dating applications won’t be covered here, but if you’re interested, check out our list of the top dating applications. The top social media applications for Android are listed below.

1. TikTok

Right now, TikTok is the hottest thing. It operates very much as Vine did. You can view short movies that people upload on various subjects as they are released. Younger generations particularly like the quick, straightforward content because there is already a tonne of stuff to consume. Additionally, it provides the tools you need to create your videos using some cool, albeit straightforward tactics to achieve the desired effects. For example, you can use the tools to make a good video. Also, you can buy tiktok followers to increase the fanbase for your profile globally. 

2. Instagram And Facebook

The most prominent social media firm in the world is Facebook. It is highly likely because Instagram and Facebook are two of the most renowned social platforms. You are already well aware of these. You are already well aware of these. Facebook is a multi-media website that allows users to post text, images, videos, groups, and chat. Instagram, however, places a lot of emphasis on pictures and video material in addition to its Stories tool. These applications must be included in a collection like this due to logical necessity; hence they are presented here.


Instagram is one of the finest apps for sharing images of your surroundings and glimpses into your existence. The Android Applications Weekly will stay updated on Instagram and other social networking apps.

3. LinkedIn

Unbeknownst to some, LinkedIn is a far more widely used social network. It is mainly intended for business purposes. You make a profile, which serves as your cv and online portfolio. However, it goes beyond simply locating employment. You can follow different businesses, socialize about various topics, and connect with individuals in the same field. In addition, you can blog using LinkedIn’s Pulse function if you wish to.

4. Pinterest

Popular and distinctive social networking platform, Pinterest. It concentrates more on objects than it does on individuals. You locate a number you like and bookmark it for later use on your account. It’s a very well website for DIY projects, cuisine, fashion, and home décor. For different types of individuals, there are always many other hobbies. It’s not a fantastic site to get exciting thoughts on the things you like, but it is excellent if you want to speak to other people.

5. Youtube

Although it offers video streaming, YouTube is frequently referred to as a social network. This is because it exhibits all the characteristics of one. Anyone can upload videos, leave comments, like, and follow content. In reality, it’s essentially an Instagram-style video-sharing site. More than Spotify, YouTube is a go-to place for video and music content despite its highs and lows. Another one of those cases that everyone is aware of is this one.

6. Reddit

The application most likely to blame for the demise of forums is Reddit. It’s because Reddit has one enormous forum for pretty much every subject. It is, therefore, a fantastic social media platform. There are subreddits for anything you can think of, including jokes, DIY projects, sports, culinary, and technology. Unfortunately, there are many awful users on Reddit, as well as many awful subreddits. The good ones can be found on Reddit, though, and it’s a reasonably fantastic area. This one is one of the few websites on this list with a subscription option to get rid of adverts and get more features. If you’re interested, Reddit also has a sizable selection of third-party choices.

7. Snapchat

One of the more distinctive choices on the list is Snapchat. Technically speaking, it’s a picture chat application, which is already quite remarkable. Stories, a profile, and some geolocation tools are also added. This software resembles social media more than texting because of the collective forces. This one is incredibly well-liked by young people who like the idea of sending images. In the interests of being completely honest, there is also a sizable NSFW community. Including its filters and augmented reality capabilities, Snapchat has been one of the top Internet applications.

Social media apps are beneficial for people nowadays. The above are a few apps that are rocking the social media world. Also, you can check with Trollishly reviews how people worldwide feel about social media apps.

By Manali