A virtual office performs the functions and services of a traditional office but does not have a physical presence. It is perfect for a small or medium enterprise since it reduces overhead expenditures. As a result, virtual offices are popular among small enterprises and start-ups. However, before making a decision, one should be conscious of what to look for in a virtual office in Bangalore.

Choosing a virtual office space is not difficult at all. However, with so many alternatives available, it’s not always simple to find a proper fit. When you live and work in a metropolitan city, you will even have more options to decide from, so finding the ideal location becomes much more difficult.

When looking for virtual office space, consider the following 6 major aspects. By the time you’ve finished comparing services, you’ll have determined the perfect fit for your business.


Look for an office that is centrally located and handy for you, your staff, and any visiting clients. If parking is vital to you, you should also confirm availability.

Virtual offices are typically placed in attractive business districts to provide clients with access to industry-specific markets. Also, virtual offices provide prime locations in a city and have branches in other cities where you may work from whatever place best suits your needs. Virtual Office users get access to all network locations, including the office staff, which is very useful.

Conference and Meeting Rooms

In addition to various forms of office space, virtual offices feature conference and meeting rooms that members can reserve on an as-needed basis.

They should have infrastructure such as a projector, speaker, microphone, and whiteboard. Even if you don’t believe you’ll ever need to utilise these areas, have a look at them while booking a virtual office space. Meeting rooms may become an essential asset as your company expands and gains more clients.

But before booking, check from your Coworking Office Space provider if you can use them for team meetings, interviews, hosting board meetings, seminars, training, and workshops, seeing clients, or catching up with an associate over a cup of coffee.


Any virtual office space you select must have the necessary equipment and amenities to complete tasks and expand your business.

Technology requirements differ greatly amongst businesses. At the very least, ensure that the room has dependable high-speed internet as well as working printers and scanners. Depending on the nature of your firm, you may additionally check for fax machines, conference phones, and other tools.

Know what you’re paying for

In terms of what is included in your monthly subscription, each virtual office space is unique. As an example, some virtual offices permit unlimited printing and copying, while others have restrictions.  Some spaces give a virtual address and mailbox with membership, while others charge extra for meeting rooms and other amenities. Hence, knowing what you are paying means you just pay for what you require and nothing more.

Flexible memberships

Some virtual office providers require users to sign a long-term lease, while others allow for more flexible agreements. Keeping this in mind, don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions concerning the membership or lease agreement.

Make sure your leasing agreement has clear terms, conditions, and clauses that allow you to easily upgrade and downgrade your office space at any moment. This allows you to have a clear picture of your agreement.

The future of the virtual office

Many firms may not want to pay for costly serviced offices in the future, but they will not want to give up the prestige of a central city site. As a result, we may anticipate an increase in the popularity of virtual workplaces.

Furthermore, as globalisation accelerates, cities that were previously considered as smaller regional centres are quickly becoming worldwide powerhouses. Virtual office sites in these places will allow enterprises to position themselves locally without diluting workforces by deploying them in ever-distant outposts.

Wrap Up!

First, ensure that you select a virtual address space that meets your needs. Put the prestige of the address at the top of your priority list.

Consider what other company owners have to say about the virtual office service you’ve picked. Use review sites and inquire around your professional network for recommendations. Nothing beats a personal referral. Take, for instance, the reliable workspace provider iKeva that offers virtual office facilities in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai. They also provide best-in-class amenities to all members.

So, if you decide to rent a business address, it’s important to ensure that you’re making the most out of your money. As such, it’s worth performing some research on any potential virtual office you’re thinking of joining.

iKeva is more than just a virtual address, with potential research on virtual office spaces, iKeva’s virtual office solutions include a prime location company address, professional IT infrastructure, reception and secretarial help, mail handling and courier management, personalised phone responding, a fax number for communication, concierge services, and complimentary access to workspaces. With a subscription to use conference rooms and workspace. Give it a go.

By Manali