A dog is one animal that has a strong bond with its owner. That’s why it’s often called man’s best friend. Despite that, research shows that the probability of having a dog bite in your lifetime is 50%.  Find out more on dog bite stature of limitations here.

A Dog bite is of different degrees, and this article uncovers 6 common dog bite injuries and their necessary treatments. 

6 Common Dog Bite Injuries


Dog bite wounds with shallow impact on the skin are termed abrasion. This can be in form of scrapes or scratches and victims of such injury experience little or no bleeding. 

In rare cases, abrasive injuries can be fatal if the skin is blemished due to the impact of the bite. Treatment can be done at home by washing the affected area with warm water and soap and applying antibacterial lotion. Better still, you can go see a doctor for proper treatment. 


The impact of this injury goes beyond the epidermis of the skin, it affects the muscles, nerves, and bones in the body. Lacerations can be deadly because it has direct contact with your blood and nerves. Also, if the dog has an infection, you can get infected. 

Treating lacerations require running a test, taking antibiotics, and stitching the affected area, which should be done by a doctor. 

Skin Puncture

This may be similar to lacerations but it mainly deals with having a deep wound on the skin. The teeth of the dog may not get to the bones, but it has a deep cut into the skin. The depth of the wound increases the chance of an infection and complications if not treated properly. 

First aid treatment should be applied to stop bleeding, thereafter, the doctor should test for any infection before stitching the wound. 


This occurs when the dog rips off part of the skin from the body, leaving it vulnerable. This is a serious dog bite injury that requires surgery or an implant of damaged body parts. 

The impact of such an injury can be fatal and have long-term effects on the victim. As expected, avulsion is best treated by a doctor. 


This injury is done by big dogs, they apply so much pressure on the skin and muscles, which can break the victim’s bone. Such injury is always fatal because it leaves the victim motionless and in severe pain. 

Victims of such injury are exposed to so many diseases aside from fractured bone. Fractures occur among babies which leads to death in most cases. Bone fractures require immediate medical attention to avoid complications. 


This is one common and deadly infection that occurs after a dog bite. This happens when the dog is infected and has not been treated for rabies. Symptoms may spring up after a day or two, in rare cases, it can take a whole year. 

In case you’re not sure about the dog’s medical condition, it is wise to get medication to prevent the infection from spreading. 

Bottom Line

Dog bites can be scary and if not properly treated, they can lead to severe complications and sometimes death. Dog owners and passersby can be victims of a dog bite, all this depends on your attitude towards any dog. 

Considering the negative impact of dog bites, at best, play cautiously with them and sometimes allow the sleeping dogs to lie in peace.

By Manali