Businesses continue to become more and more creative with how they reach their target audience through marketing. Although taxi ads have been around for a long time, companies have started to utilize other vehicles to pitch their products or services. In the case of advertising trucks, companies decided to forgo any functionality of the vehicles other than the advertising component.

Advertising trucks have increased in popularity and are now a common method for reaching audiences in big cities with lots of attractions. Featured in locations like New York City and Las Vegas, these mobile billboards reach thousands of people in the densest parts of the city. Here are six benefits of using advertising trucks.

1. You Avoid a Long-Term Commitment

Advertising trucks can often be hired by the day, so you can rent one for a special event or specific promotion. By doing this, you avoid the lengthy commitment and fees of billboards or other media. You also have the ability to change your promotion or messaging based on its effectiveness rather than being locked into a design that will be up for months on other outlets.

2. You Have Flexibility in Your Design

As alluded to, you have plenty of design options with advertising trucks. You can make it as simple as possible with a static image that conveys your message with plain text. You can also make your ad more complex with animated video content on LED boards. If you go the static route, you will benefit from lower costs on top of a highly durable product that will last a long time.

Digital displays can create immediate credibility with your business because the elite technology carries a reputation of being high class. When compared to static ads, they can also catch more people’s attention and be more memorable. Another benefit of digital ads is that they can run all night and still be seen whereas static ads tend to lose their effectiveness once it’s dark outside.

3. Thousands Will See Your Ad Daily

As opposed to taxi cabs or other transit ads like buses, advertising trucks are designed solely to advertise. This is a massive advantage because you can drive around to the most populated parts of the city throughout the day. Buses and taxis, on the other hand, are restricted to their normal routes or places where their customer tells them to drive.

Advertising trucks can adjust to where more people are gathering at a certain time. If that changes later in the day, the truck can relocate and drive around that part of town without being at the mercy of a passenger. Advertising trucks are commonly seen in crowded city centers and driving along main streets with lots of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. They can also be seen circling popular shopping centers or tourist attractions to maximize the number of people who see the ad.

4. You Can Bargain For a Lower Cost

Advertising trucks can cost anywhere between $800 and $2500 per day for static images. Digital ads cost more and are typically in the range of $1200 to $3600. Some companies offer bulk discounts, and others will consider a discount if you commit to a certain number of days in advance. The point is that you need to shop around to find the best deal for the type of marketing campaign you want to run.

5. You Can Adjust the Size of Your Marketing Budget Quickly

If you notice a high conversion rate on your truck ads one day, you can increase the number of trucks you run on ensuing days. As mentioned earlier, if you have a specific event you are promoting, you can run a truck for one day and stop without any further commitment. This provides an immense amount of flexibility in your marketing budget to make sure you are spending your dollars effectively.

6. They Stand Out

While other forms of OOH media can blend in after a while, advertising trucks have a unique ability to cut through the noise and stand out regardless of the market. Their ads are eye-level and moving, so they naturally catch people’s attention for a moment. Even in high-traffic areas packed with vehicles, these trucks tend to be unicorns on the street. They differentiate themselves from the surrounding vehicles to cause people to take a closer look at the message.


Advertising trucks have many unique benefits compared to other forms of marketing. These range from the flexibility in design and budgeting to the specialized purpose of reaching the most amount of people at a certain time. These benefits showcase why this is an effective form of advertising all companies should consider.

By Manali