’80s and ’90s throwback styles are not going anywhere in the near future, and upscale trendsetters are embracing them as the new norm. Here are five upcoming lifestyle trends predicted for 2023.

The first of the five upcoming lifestyle trends is self-care. In 2023, consumers will focus on nurturing their bodies and souls, a practice that has been influenced by the development of new technologies and approaches to listening to one’s body. Consumers are moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness, and are instead seeking a more personalized approach to eating and self-care. Specifically, consumers will pay more attention to resilience in their immune/physical health, as well as their emotional well-being. According to this dentist who does dental implants in Chesapeake, the increasing number of people who are getting more conscious of their dental health is one proof of this trend.

Another of the five upcoming lifestyle trends is sustainability. As the cost of living rises, consumers are shifting their shopping behaviors. They are seeking less costly, functional products that are also pleasurable to use. Some consumers are also looking for smaller sizes, while others want to minimize their waste. In addition, more consumers are turning to plant-based proteins for healthy diets.

Another of the five upcoming lifestyles trends is natural lighting. In 2023, consumers will be seeking natural light and a more serene living environment. This will mean they will be spending more time in the countryside, looking for green landscapes and pure air.

A third of the five upcoming lifestyle trends is a return to comfort. In 2023, people will seek to make their homes cosy. Textured walls, soft edges, and analog hobbies are expected to be common features of cozy interiors. Customers will also seek to get dirty with their DIY projects.

A fourth of the five upcoming lifestyle trends is hygge. This Scandinavian term, which does not have a direct English translation, is meant to capture the cosy feeling of spending time in a warm bed. In 2023, consumers will seek products that will help them create a hygge home. In addition, consumers will be more willing to make a statement with textured walls. This will allow them to achieve a more unique and comfortable style.

Lastly, the fifth of the five upcoming lifestyle trends is an increase in the use of denim. Denim will be used in a variety of ways. Some consumers will choose to wear it as casual pants, while others will want to wear it with bulky footwear. In addition, some consumers will opt for bulky sizes.

The five upcoming lifestyle trends are predicted to be based on qualitative research conducted by Catawiki experts. These experts use their knowledge of fashion, collectibles, liquor, and beer to provide their outlook on the upcoming trends. Using their extensive research, the experts have produced a report that offers an outlook for the year 2023. The experts have based their report on a combination of qualitative research and Ipsos research. They have also used Catawiki’s trend auction to help them find and evaluate the hottest trends for the year.

While some of these trends may seem like they will only be around for a short period of time, others are here to stay. As the economic crisis continues to affect consumers around the globe, these trends will continue to shape their daily routines.

By Manali