Why would anyone need to attend a local substance addiction treatment program? Someone asked during a retreat organized by an old friend the other day.

You see, substance addiction has turned into an endemic battling society. So, I sought to create a guide on what really brings about this disturbing behavior. 

This is why I have created this post on the causes of substance addiction among both young and old people.

Anxiety and depression

Depression is a severe medical condition that has turned many into addictive junkies in their bid to find an escape from the rut they find themselves in. Initially, this substance helps them feel happier and forget their problems but sooner or later they find it increasingly difficult to do without having a shot of their escapism substance.


There is a long-standing adage that says …an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. This is true. Out of curiosity or lack of anything worth doing people may find themselves experimenting with substances they can easily get addicted to.


People can easily fall prey to addiction when they begin to prescribe medic by themselves. This is a high-risk thing to do. Why? The drug you have chosen might have some addictive ingredients which in the long term will turn into a serious problem for you.

Procurement ease

The problem with drugs and other stuff that are addictive is that they are easily available in most cases and a number of them are considered legal (in the right dose). Walk into any OTC outlet, retail store, and so on, and even without a doctor’s prescription you can buy such items.

Also, they can easily access these items on the internet.

Peer pressure

“People like us do things like this”. Have you heard that statement before? Well, this statement holds a lot of water and the desire to belong has caused many to become addicts in the process.

According to a study, each one of us has a “mirror neuron” so it’s normal to want to try things our close friends are doing.


Parental neglect has pushed many of the younger generations to find solace in drugs. Childhood is often associated with making bad choices and if there is nobody to open their eyes to the destructive consequences of this habit, parents should have themselves to blame.

Family history of addiction

If there is a pre-existing condition of substance abuse disorder in the family, it may easily influence the younger ones to take this same route even if they are unintentional about it. Let your kids be aware of their history and offer them guidance so they don’t find themselves on the path to self-destruct.

By Manali

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