There’s never been a better time to be a aficionado in the United States. Not only is cannabis no longer a taboo topic, but it’s also gaining a lot of mainstream acceptance. Furthermore, it’s even receiving a lot of support from the government as many states have legalized for both medical and recreational use.

With more states legalizing cannabis for recreational and medical uses every year, there are also more growers and dispensaries popping up all over the U.S. In a short amount of time, marijuana has become a multi-billion dollar industry. No wonder so many weed enthusiasts are turning their pastime into a profit. Continue reading to learn what you need to launch your .

1. Licenses

Before you start any type of business, you need a license to operate. The purpose of getting your license is to declare your tax status and acknowledge your duty to adhere to all local, state, and federal regulations regarding your industry.

Even though most states have moved to legalize weed for medical use—if not for recreational use—it’s still illegal at the federal level. Due to that fact, the marijuana industry is heavily regulated in the states where it’s legal. The license requirements are strict and stringent, and not adhering to them will not only cause your business to fail but will also land you in prison.

Each state has its own license requirements, so you have to check with your local and state government to see what qualifications you have to meet. Once you have the proper licenses, you can officially launch your cannabusiness.

2. LED Grow Lights


People these days grow weed a lot differently than they did a few decades ago. Today’s processes are less labor-intensive and use a lot of technology to improve the efficiency of growing operations.

One major difference in the way weed is grown today is that it’s usually grown hydroponically. That means it’s grown in a greenhouse underwater in a solvent with nutrients to produce the highest quality product on the market today.

One of the main things you’ll need to launch your grower is LED grow lights. You’ll have to do some shopping around to find the top LED grow lights for your indoor garden, because there’s a vast selection.

Full-spectrum bulbs are the best for higher yield, as they deliver every wavelength in the spectrum. You need LED grow lights that can deliver white light, blue light, and red light without burning your crops before they bloom.

You may feel like you should go for the most watts you can find in grower lights, but that’s not the case. LEDs make the best type of light for herbs because they make for easy setup and are durable. They also have less light intensity than HID lights so they give off less heat, making them a safe source of full-spectrum UV light and the best option for any grower.

3. A Lawyer

One of the downsides of the cannabusiness is that it can be hard to navigate the murky legal waters. If you want to take your seedling business to the flowering stage, you need a cannabis lawyer that can offer sound legal advice and help you make your business legitimate.

4. A Bank


The main reason for the advent of debit cards was to make it safer for consumers and merchants to exchange money. When you run an all-cash business, you are a prime target for robbers.

Because weed is still illegal at the federal level, most banks won’t deal with the weed industry. One of the most important things you need to do before you open your business is to find a bank that’s willing to work with your business. That’s one of those things your cannabusiness lawyer can help you with.

5. Marketing


Marketing is essential to the growth and success of every business. Having a robust marketing strategy allows you to shine a powerful light on your business and attract consumers.

Social media is a great marketing tool for beginning growers. When using social media for marketing, it’s important to engage consistently with potential customers as well as post eye-catching content. Also, you want to be intentional about the image you create for yourself and your business on social media.

By Manali