People tend to believe myths more easily than believing facts. Some myths are preached from one generation to the next and when an elder claims a myth, the younger generation believes in it without considering it as a myth. With age, maturity, and conscience, people can replace those myths with facts. 

Similarly, people also have some shocking misconceptions about thyroid and thyroid profile tests. Did you know that smoking leads to a dysfunction of the thyroid? Are you aware of it? No? Well, this write-up is for you to make you aware of other facts and myths about the thyroid. Stick to the blog to get a complete guide. 

Myths about Thyroid: 

The thyroid helps in regulating the body’s function and metabolism rate(transferring food into energy)  by releasing thyroid hormones (T3 and T4). It is also responsible for mood swings, depression, or anxiety. Moreover, it plays a vital role in the growth and development of the body. 

There are various myths about the thyroid gland, some of which are true and some are false. Let’s jump in: 

  • Weight Gain:  It is true that hypothyroidism if left untreated makes a person put on extra weight. The weight gain can be around 2 to 3 Kg but sometimes it can also go beyond 5 Kg. 
  • Bad or Unhealthy Lifestyle:  It is 100% true. Go through this section to know how a bad lifestyle can impact your thyroid health. Practice, “Getting a better a sleep and work on reducing your stress level”. 
  • Some people believe that depression causes hypothyroidism:  This is true, constant sadness may lead to hypothyroidism, and people with depression or anxiety must go for a thyroid function test to get themselves tested. 
  • People considered Thyroid to be the disease of Women: Indeed, women are mainly affected by thyroid but it would be wrong to say that it’s a woman’s disease, men are also diagnosed with thyroid disease. 
  • Stopping Medication as soon as you start feeling better: Now, this is wrong! A slight change can make you feel better but to be completely fine, you need to keep taking your prescribed medications. 

Let us now know about the cause of thyroid disease. 

What are the main causes of Thyroid Problems? 

Dysfunctioning of the thyroid gland leads to thyroid disease. There are two conditions: one is when the thyroid gland secretes less hormone or nearly no hormone at all and this condition is known as Hypothyroidism. The other condition is known as Hyperthyroidism when the gland produces more than enough hormone needed by the body. 

Important Note: The TSH normal range is 0.40 – 4.50 mIU/mL.  A rise or fall in the normal thyroid levels can be treacherous. 

The thyroid or TSH Test is beneficial in finding out the type of thyroid disease prevailing in the body. 

Reasons behind the rise of Hypothyroidism:

  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis:  The most common reason behind hypothyroidism is Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. In this disorder, the antibodies, produced by the immune system attack the tissue of the body resulting in lower secretion of thyroid hormone. 
  • Deficiency of Iodine: Iodine deficiency makes it difficult for the thyroid gland to secrete hormones, which gives rise to the condition of hypothyroidism. 
  • Extra response to hyperthyroidism cure: Radioactive Iodine and  Anti-Iodine Medications are effective ways of treating people with hyperthyroidism. However, an extra response in treating hyperthyroidism may often lead to a condition of hypothyroidism. 
  • Surgery: Thyroid surgery lowers the level of thyroid hormone and obstructs the gland from secret hormones. 
  • Medications & Treatments: There are certain medications and treatments which affect the thyroid gland in producing enough hormones needed by the body. 

Reasons behind the rise of Hyperthyroidism: 

  • More than enough amount of iodine:  An excess amount of iodine is one of the major reasons for hyperthyroidism. 
  • Thyroid Inflammation:  Inflammation is the condition of swelling of the thyroid gland which either results in hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. 
  • Non-toxic Goiter:  A situation in which the lump develops around the thyroid gland is known as nodules and is also called an adenoma. 
  • Tumors in the ovaries and the testes are also the reason behind hyperthyroidism. 

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Symptoms of Thyroid Disease: 

  • Muscle weakness
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Dry or coarse skin
  • Sudden weight gain
  • Slower or increase in heart rate

Risk Factors of Thyroid Disease: 

  • When one has a family history of thyroid disease
  • When one is already suffering from certain medical conditions like Type 1 diabetes, anemia, and so on. 
  • When one has crossed the age of 60.
  • Had undergone cancer treatment in the past. 

Subdivision of Thyroid Test

The types of thyroid tests are as follows: 

  • TSH Test to measure the activity of the thyroid gland. 
  • T3 and T4 to measure the number of thyroid hormones.
  • TSI measures immunoglobulin.
  • Antithyroid antibody test measures the makes of the blood, which is the antibodies. 

A thyroid function test consists of all the above-mentioned tests. 

Preventive Tips to Control Thyroid Disease

How can you control the ill effects of thyroid disease? The answer lies below: 

  • Make your diet nutritious, include green vegetables and iron-rich foods in your diet to boost your immunity level and fight against diseases. 
  • Quit smoking as it contains a toxin that affects the functioning of the thyroid gland. 
  • Be physically more active to prevent the rise of any disease. 
  • Besides, keep in touch with your doctor to know about the status of your thyroid health.

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Summing up

If you encounter any of the symptoms then get yourself tested for thyroid disease with the help of a thyroid function test.
Additionally, one must visit your doctor regularly for keeping an eye on your thyroid health and Know about thyroid test price by connecting with the team of best Redcliffe Labs today.

By Manali