Building a resume from scratch or even revamping an existing resume is not easy for every professional. You will require high precession in terms of grammar and spellings apart from a professional format to build a job-winning resume.

Showcasing generic information in your resume can also minimize your shortlisting chances in the recruitment process. According to Zippia, 36% of resumes are rejected because of being generic in 2022.

You can dodge this by following these below-given guidelines to build a job willing maintenance technician resume in 2022:

Outline in a Professional Resume Format

The first step to building a professional maintenance manager resume in 2022 is choosing a suitable format. We have picked the three most effective resume formats that you can use to outline your maintenance manager resume:

  • Reverse Chronological Resume Format
  • Combination Resume Format
  • Functional Resume Format

You can opt for the functional resume format if you have a career gap in your professional journey. Otherwise, you can either choose a reverse- chronological or combination resume format to build your resume.

Mention Your Skills Separately

You need to highlight your skills properly in your resume. For that, we recommend making separate sections for your key and technical skills.

It will grab the recruiter’s undivided attention and will also enhance your shortlisting chances in the recruitment process.

Use One-Liner Bullet Points

Due to a huge number of job applicants, recruiters do not have more than a few seconds to screen a resume. Hence, we advise you to enhance its readability by using one-liner bullet points instead of long paragraphs.

You can mention all of your resume details in bullet points except the resume summary. These below-given guidelines will help you craft highly effective resume bullet points:

  • Start every bullet point with a power verb
  • Quantify your bullet points wherever possible
  • Address every bullet in STAR (S- Situation, T- Task, A- Action, R- Result) format
  • Club similar points under a suitable skill heading

Highlight Essential Metrics and Technical Keywords

Highlighting essential information will make your resume impressive and elegant. It will grab the reader’s eyes and will make your resume stand apart from the crowd of other applicants.

Apart from this, we recommend you add as many technical keywords related to the profile as you can to the resume. Many companies are using ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to reject irrelevant resumes in the initial phase.

Having profile-centric keywords in your resume will help you parse through the ATS screening round without any hurdle. You can pick industry-specific keywords from the job description.

Write an Engaging Resume Summary

The resume summary is one of the essential elements of a resume. Hence it needs to be framed professionally in an easy-to-read language.

Recruiters usually spend a few seconds on a resume summary. Hence, an impressive resume summary might increase your shortlisting chances in the recruitment process.

Your resume summary needs to possess all the highlights of your capabilities and work experience.

Proofread With a Focused Mind

You will not want to get rejected in a recruitment process due to a spelling mistake. Hence, we advise you to take a pause after summing up all of your resume sections and proofread your resume with a focused mind to rectify silly mistakes.

Key Takeaways

Take a look at the key takeaways of this guide to build an effective maintenance manager resume in 2022:

  • Outline your resume in a suitable professional resume format based on your work experience
  • Make separate sections to showcase your technical and key skills in your resume
  • Use one-liner bullet points rather than long paragraphs in your resume to enhance its readability
  • Add technical keywords to your resume to parse through the ATS screening round
  • Highlight essential information and keywords in your resume to grab the recruiter’s attention
  • Write an easy-to-read and engaging resume summary to increase your shortlisting chances
  • Proofread with a focused mind before applying for any job

These guidelines will help you build a highly effective maintenance manager resume in 2022. Furthermore, we recommend adding a cover letter with your resume to get extra points in the recruitment process. Wishing you all the best in your next job switch.

By Manali