eco-friendly boxes

The global population generates almost 2 billion tonnes of waste every year. The bitter irony is that packaging is one of the main contributors to this waste. According to an estimate, it is the third bigger factor in global pollution. That is why there has been a big push lately to shift to eco-friendly boxes. Using them as a retail packaging solution can have far greater positive consequences on our planet’s atmosphere and network stability. They are a less wasteful choice and greatly affect the overall carbon footprint. In addition, there are ways to repurpose and reuse them to benefit consumers and retailers. Here are five great packaging options that align with international green standards.

Examples of Eco-friendly Boxes: Bux board boxes

These are among the first packages that come into our minds whenever we think about eco-conscious consumers. They are more popular by the name of eco-friendly boxes in UK. Their processing material, i.e., bux board, is completely organic. It possesses some excellent qualities of recycling that make the reprocessing of packages less hectic and completely greener.

With a few simple alterations in the design, you can turn these boxes into excellent toys, gifts, and other tints of remembrances. For instance, if your target customers are children, you can repurpose these packages to become a beautiful doll house after serving their original purpose. The benefits of these boxes are twofold. At first, their lifespan is fairly larger, which allows you to take your branding to the next level. And secondly, the buyers of your retail brand get an additional value that convinces them for future purchases.

Eco-friendly Boxes – Kraft packaging:

This is one of the greatest eco-friendly boxes packagings that gets excessively used in the retail world. As a result, it got introduced as the best packaging for shipping. But now you can see its multiple applications in the retail sector. For instance, it is great to display your products profoundly. With simple alterations in the overall design or adding some add-ons, you can make your products the centerpiece of attention. Likewise, it is highly useful for branding and marketing processes.

It is more famous for shipping because of its safe, sound, and sturdy structure. It lends strength to this solid structure and safeguards the inside items from any possible damage. Furthermore, it is more popular as eco-friendly postal packaging in UK. However, you can also improve the durability of this packaging with some extras. For example, the addition of custom inserts extending to the lid serves as an additional cushion and provides the support to remain intact against load applications.

Cardboard packages:

These eco-friendly postal boxes have taken the retail world by storm. No matter what kind of retail products you make, these packages can fit every item. Moreover, the ultimate flexibility in their structure lets you stylize them in any design you need. Thus, satisfying the customers through good unboxing is no longer a big deal: some smart and clever designs provide ultimate convenience to the target audience.

The texture of cardboard is a great blessing, too, for the retail brands. It is completely smooth and easy to take on printing of every kind. So, allowing you to print some fascinating designs to promote some customer conversions. Likewise, it also paves your way to educate the target audience about your products and your brand’s story. Printing them using a CMYK or PMS colour model instantly makes your product stand out from the crowd. Thus, inviting more and more people to take a closer look at your item and purchase it immediately.

Corrugated cardboard box:

It is the more improved version of cardboard packaging. Having an additional layer of corrugated material, it possesses more strength. So, one can utilize this box for heavy-duty products without worrying. It can withstand fierce load applications without buckling. No matter how high the pressure is, it always stands firm and never breaks away.

The reinforcement options are always there for this box to succeed in the shipping journey. You can get your hands on multiple coatings, laminations, adhesives, and other add-ons. The application of this box is not restricted to shipping only. You can see it fulfilling many other retail jobs quite successfully. It can have multiple designs to assist the customers in their daily lives. For instance, you can design them to turn into a hanger for hanging some clothes after serving as the safe carriers for some retail items. Such useful applications attract heaps of customers toward your brand and its products.

Paper boxes:

These boxes are the best when it comes to showcasing the corporate social responsibility of a brand. This is because they cost a little bit less than other options. If you still worry about the cost, you can have eco-friendly boxes wholesale in UK. Referring to this option can do wonders for your business. The cost of a single box in a wholesale or bulk purchase goes down by a significantly fair margin. Thus, allowing you to save a big amount of money in the end without breaking a sweat. The strength of these packages usually depends on the thickness of the paper. Therefore, increasing the thickness and looking for good reinforcement custom options are pertinent for heavy-duty items.

One of the most amazing things about eco-friendly boxes is that you never run out of choices. There is a great variety of these packages and styles to choose from. The flexibility of these packages allows you to precisely meet any packaging requirement and generate a sense of satisfaction among your buyers. At the same time, there are immense opportunities to improve the sustainability of your retail business. Discarding the traditional packaging options and employing these green packages is the need of the hour now. After all, they are becoming a trend and go-to option for every sensible customer around the globe.

By Manali