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For an addict, going sober for 6 months straight is a distant dream. In fact, they cannot imagine doing it. However, life is queer. It makes you do what you never imagined you could. And then you say, “why didn’t I think of doing it before!” 

In halfway houses in Kansas, being sober is a way of life. So, when you first step into the house, you must be ready to do what you never imagined you would – be sober. 

However, sobriety does not come easy to addicts. That’s why experts recommend that people go through recovery programs and medical detox, if needed, before coming to the house. This helps them stay sober without those agonizing withdrawal symptoms. 

Moreover, certain symptoms can be life-threatening, especially in cases of severe alcohol addiction. 

Achieving sobriety

Staying sober for six months at a stretch is an achievement. Your patience, determination, and discipline paid off. It is easier to achieve sobriety living in a halfway house in Kansas than living at home after a recovery program. 

But have you wondered what happens to your body when you go sober for six consecutive months? 

Let’s take a look. 

1. You look healthier with a glow on the skin

Alcohol chokes your body with toxins. It causes premature aging, weight loss, and appetite loss. It may cause nutritional deficiencies. This shows on your skin, hair, and nails. 

Staying sober for six months gives your body a chance to repair itself. Your body detoxifies. This again shows on your skin, hair, and nails. They restore their glow. You look better than before. No wonder, when people come out from a halfway house, they appear more attractive than before! 

2. Your liver loses its extra fat and breathes a sigh of relief, phew! 

One organ that takes the most burden of alcohol is the liver. This poor organ has to break down alcohol and, when you keep on drinking, it has to keep on working hard and harder! Alcoholism can raise liver fat percentage. It can lead to fatty liver, which hampers the liver’s normal function. 

Being sober for a month helps your liver to start breaking down the fat. 

Being sober for six months makes it jump with joy (not literally!), as now the extra fat is gone and it is in the pink of health. 

That’s why sober living homes are particular about healthy eating and balanced meals. 

3. Your brain does some damage control 

Alcoholism affects the brain, depending on how long you have been drinking. Blurred vision, decreased memory, decreased reflexes, and blackouts are all indications of damage in the brain. 

However, becoming sober does not come easier on the brain, as it gets used to the alcohol. So, when you withdraw, your brain reduces the production of dopamine and serotonin – the happy hormones. This may make you feel depressed. 

If you stay sober despite depression, you can trick your brain and make it adapt to sobriety successfully. Being sober for six months can do wonders to your brain. Now your brain becomes used to sobriety and starts functioning normally again. 

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