To assist you in locating the finest Criminal Attorneys in Fort Worth, we created our list based on total experience, testimonials, accomplishments, services offered, and accessibility ratings. Like the Medlin Law Firm / Fort Worth criminal lawyer, each firm on this list is highly trusted and expert in its practiced areas under criminal law.

  • Andrew Deegan Attorney at Law

Andrew Deegan is a licensed ACS-CHAL forensic lawyer-scientist with extensive expertise in providing criminal defense in various situations, even when the defendant is accused of driving under the influence.

  • The Medlin Law Firm

The Medlin Law Firm, situated in Fort Worth, is a criminal and DUI defense firm led by board-certified criminal law attorney Gary Medlin. The agency also handles narcotics, prostitution, violence, and theft cases.

  • A. Clay Graham, Trial Attorney

A. Clay Graham’s Trial Attorney has handled minor and criminal cases, including drug charges, impaired driving, financial fraud, and firearms accusations. A. Clay Graham also defends nurses who are facing revocation of their licenses.

  • Fulgham Law Firm, P.C.

Fulgham Law Firm provides consultation and defense in all criminal situations, especially stealing, espionage, and violent assault. Since 2017, this firm has been ranked as Lead Counsel for three years.

  • Law Office of Harmony M. Schuerman

Attorney Schuerman has a background in criminal law. She takes DUI, harassment, sexual abuse, drug crimes, and state charges as assignments. In addition, the firm handles state and federal appeals and post-conviction writs.

  • Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP

Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP is a full-service legal organization founded over 40 years ago. It provides legal advice and representation in criminal cases involving white-collar offenses, healthcare scams, and corporate crime.

  • Law Office Of Jim Renforth

The Law Office of Jim Renforth represents clients accused of drug trafficking, violent misconduct, and misdemeanor charges. Mr. Renforth bargains with prosecutors to win a plea bargain, an acquittal, or a charge reduction.

  • Law Offices of David Sloane

The Law Offices of David Sloane has extensive expertise representing clients in criminal defense throughout Texas. The business handles issues such as assault, drug charges, drunk driving, misdemeanor charges, and theft.

  • Law Office of Patrick J. McLain, PLLC

Established in 2004, the Law Office of Patrick J. McLain PLLC represents clients charged with property and sex offenses, probation violations, and severe assault. They also investigate narcotics possession with the intent to distribute and forgeries.

  • Manuel Diaz Law Firm, PC

Founder Manuel Diaz and his staff defend clients accused of misdemeanors and major felonies, particularly DUI, domestic violence, unlawful re-entry, and 3G charges. Citizenship, labor, and personal injury law are some of the other practice fields.

  • Soraya Joslin, P.C.

Soraya Joslin PC provides legal representation to persons accused of criminal offenses such as driving while drunk. Other areas of practice include guardianship, probate, and estate administration.

  • The Alband Law Firm

The Alband Law Firm represents clients facing felonies and misdemeanors such as narcotics charges, burglary, white-collar offenses, and assault.

  • Sparks Law Firm

Sparks Law Firm fights for the rights of those facing minor and criminal charges. After winning a positive judgment in a lawsuit, the business also attempted to get its clients’ records expunged.

  • The Law Office of Samuel R. Terry, P.C

Attorney Samuel Terry of the Law Office of Samuel R. Terry PC represents people accused of assault, narcotics, cyber, white-collar, and burglary offenses.

  • Lankford Law Firm

Lankford Law Firm has extensive expertise addressing criminal matters involving robbery, sex offenses, child molestation, drug offenses, and violence.

  • Hoeller McLaughlin PLLC

Hoeller McLaughlin PLLC is a DUI and criminal defense firm serving clients in state and federal courts, defending them against allegations ranging from drug charges and white-collar crime to murder and assault.

  • Herreth Law

Those accused of drug offenses or driving while inebriated might seek the assistance of Herreth Law. Attorney Andrew Herreth, a former prosecutor, also represents those pursuing an expunction.

  • Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk

Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk, is a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney who defends both misdemeanors and felonies. It represents people facing DWI accusations such as aggravated DWI, juvenile DWI, and license suspension.

  • Brown, PC

Brown PC Tax Practice Group is a law company that offers tax litigation and legal guidance to customers. It provides criminal defense in tax-related problems such as evasion, deliberate refusal to pay or collect over tax, and tax fraud.

  • William R. Biggs, Criminal Defense

Attorney Biggs is certified in criminal law and guides 25 aspects of federal law, even with the most serious offenses such as fraud, smuggling, cybercrimes, and conspiracy.

  • Varghese Summersett PLLC

Varghese Summersett PLLC handles various criminal accusations, including drug offenses, misdemeanors, assault, and sexual offenses. Benson Varghese also represents clients facing significant federal offenses.

  • Westfall Sellers

Westfall Sellers’ attorneys specialize in criminal defense. It represents people who have been charged with crimes like violence, murder, domestic abuse, and white-collar offenses.

  • The Law Office of Stephanie K. Patten

Stephanie K. Patten’s Law Office represents people accused of offenses involving domestic misconduct, narcotics, juveniles, homicide, and DUI.

  • The Law Office of Lesa Pamplin, P.C.

The practice areas of the Law Office of Lesa Pamplin PC encompass white collar crimes, assault, murder, and drug offenses, including production and smuggling. Additionally, the organization assists with expunctions and nondisclosure orders.

  • The Hampton Law Firm

The Hampton Law Firm, based in Fort Worth, specializes in criminal defense, including felonies and misdemeanors and bail bonds. They deal with crimes including violent assault, murder, drug possession, and weapon usage.

  • Law Offices of Kenneth W Mullen PC

The Law Offices of Kenneth W. Mullen PC is a group of criminal lawyers specializing in drug charges and offenses, including marijuana possession or DUI. It also represents people accused of domestic abuse.

  • Cole Paschall Law

Cole Paschall Legal is a criminal defense law company that represents people accused of felonies and misdemeanors, including drunk driving, distribution of controlled narcotics, and assault charges.

By Manali