The eye is part of the five sense organs which means that it is very important to whatever we do daily as humans. Most times, people think regular bathing is enough to care for the eye. Clearly, that’s not enough. There’re extra things to be done to keep your eyes safe, and you’ll find out about them in this piece. 

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10 Good Tips To Take Care Of Your Eye

Make sure you eat good food.

A lot of people see this as not important. People tend to feed anyone disregarding the fact that these foods have the power to enhance our body functions. This goes for the eye. By taking foods like fruits and vegetables, the vitamins generated would help in ensuring that your eye stays healthy.

Ensure you exercise daily

Exercising the body helps you keep fit and ensures that blood flows to the exact places it’s supposed. Exercising would help your eyes because it is getting a natural flow from your blood vessels.

Avoid exposure to sunlight.

When people take walks in their respective neighborhoods, there tends to be a hot environment, especially in summer. In order to avoid exposure to UV rays, you should get a shade that can shield your eyes from UV rays. Exposure to sunlight can make the vision dim.

Don’t expose the eyes to artificial lights.

When we talk about artificial lights, we talk about the ones from your phones, laptops, desktops, and the like. It is advisable to stay away from such lights sometimes. And even if you’d be regularly working, it is preferable not to take it too close to your eyes. If this is not done, the eye is prone to damage.

Ensure you wash your hands before touching your eyes

The hands are filled with bacteria when you stay without washing them for a long time. This is because you might have had contact with surfaces. To avoid being infected with bacteria, wash your hands before touching the eyes.

Remove your contacts lens before wetting your face

This implies that you must take off your contact lens before washing your face or taking your bath. This is because the lens can attract bacteria which would, in turn, become harmful to the eyes if it’s still worn.

Ensure you use safety glasses at all times

Using safety glasses would help your eyes, at least from the light. For those who do jobs that involve light emission and the like, you should incorporate the use of safety glass.

Damp your eyes with warm water occasionally

This is a healthy practice that everyone should incorporate. Damp a clean cloth with warm water and then place it on the eye for at least one minute. You will see the result.

Quit smoking

Smoking cigarettes can affect the optic nerves, which would affect your eyes badly. Why keep smoking? 

Visit your doctor

Visiting the doctor would help you to regularly check the eye and ensure it is in good shape.

By Manali