Stickers are a small but powerful way to show your personality.

If you think about art in terms of paintings or statues, then consider decorating your car as another form of creative expression. Whether you paint abstract designs on the back windshield or write something witty on the car’s bumper, car stickers and car decals can be a fun and cost-effective way to decorate your vehicle.

This article contains 10 reasons your car needs stickers:

1) Express yourself –

Car stickers let you express your individuality, especially if you’re tired of seeing boring cars everywhere that look exactly the same. It’s like having designer clothes but for your car.

2) Tell a story –

Car art gives others an insight into who you are as a person and what you love. If people don’t understand what it means or they think it’s dumb, then they probably aren’t worth knowing anyway. And besides, beautiful works of art often mean something deep and complex to the artist which other people may not immediately comprehend.

3) Branding –

Car stickers are a great way to promote your website, business, store or upcoming event. They can be used as either permanent car stickers or car decals that are easily removed. However, even without the car sticker, car art is still effective at advertising because it creates brand recognition through repetition of design elements. If you show your car logo on your car lapel ribbons then stick things to other parts of the car for emphasis, customers should automatically associate your company with positive feelings and an overall good experience (whether they know it’s coming from you or not).

4) Turn heads –

There is no greater compliment than seeing someone point out and stare at one of your car stickers. Having a nice car also helps, so if you want to turn heads then car stickers are one way of improving the car’s appearance.

5) Add personality –

Car art is a great conversation starter because other drivers can easily read it. It reveals something about your character and preferences which other people might start talking about.

6) Prevent damage –

Car stickers protect your car from getting dings or scratches because they act as a barrier between the surface and whatever it may come into contact with (fingernails, jewelry, bags, etc.). Car decals in particular will also keep people from marking up doors and windows with bumper stickers when they park in tight spaces next to each other.

7) Promote safety –

Car stickers promote safe driving habits by encouraging carpooling, carpool lane usage and car insurance (when it’s appropriate).

8) Car decals –

Car stickers can be transparent car decals which are car stickers with a cutout design. They allow the original color of the car to show through which makes for a beautiful display when viewed at certain angles or during specific light conditions. Plus, if you don’t like your car stickers anymore then they’re easily removed without damaging the car paint underneath.

9) Cheaper than a day at the beach –

Car art is one of the least expensive ways to decorate your car because there aren’t any other costs except for what you spend on buying big car sticker packs from reputable retailers. It’s also more cost-effective than going to a car show, car wash or car accessory shop.

10) Make your car dance –

Moving car stickers such as car banner flags and car lapel ribbons are a great way to jazz up the car’s appearance when it comes back from being washed. They’re also great for making people notice the car when the vehicle is parked in a busy area. Car banners can even be used indoors as wall decorations!


Whether car stickers are just for fun or they have a deeper meaning, car art will always provide car owners with pleasure because it’s something that you can both give and receive. It costs very little to do this but your investment in either time or money will pay off well beyond any price tag. And the best part about it is that no matter how old you get, you’ll never outgrow the joy of expressing yourself through your choice of colors, design elements and overall appearance.

By Manali